Troubled Waters

Troubled Waters is the pop culture quiz show where comedians disagree to disagree. Twice a month, Dave will stoke pointless arguments between two teams of comedians and make them compete against each other in order to settle their meaningless debates once and for all. Winner takes home the right to be right.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 50m. Bisher sind 211 Folge(n) erschienen. Alle zwei Wochen gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 7 days 11 hours 24 minutes


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episode 210: Pig Heart vs Barbie

This week, Megan Sass and Zach Zimmerman join host Dave Holmes for some iconic intros, Golden Girls trivia, and 2022's performance review.



episode 209: What If vs Electric

Jackie Kashian and Ian Lockwood join host Dave Holmes for some "new" wordplay, trivia on 2021 (or 2020?) news stories, and movie audio rebuses.



episode 208: Buddy the Elf vs Neal Page

Alex Edelman and Ali Vingiano join host Dave Holmes for some lesser-known Christmastime tunes, Michael Buble trivia, and some good ol' fashioned holiday vulgarities.  We'll see you in 2022! 


 2021-12-15  41m

episode 207: Elton vs Adele

This week, Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard of Dumb Gay Politics join host Dave Holmes for some McDonald's menu punnery, Christmas movie debating, and pop culture political parties. And a special shoutout to Feeling Seen, the newest show to join MaxFun!


 2021-12-01  49m

episode 206: Sausage Stuffing vs Yahms

Kris Kimmel and Sydney Steinberg join host Dave Holmes for some Thanksgiving TV specials, needlessly hard family revelations, and embarrassing holiday memories.


 2021-11-16  40m

episode 205: F That Guy vs Piven

This week, Lizz Winstead and Danielle Koenig join Dave Holmes for some parody song trivia, Judy debates, and some good old fashioned Lucy/Goosey goofs.


 2021-11-01  59m

episode 204: Cemetery vs Bedroom

This week, Fumi Abe and Mic Nguyen of the Asian Not Asian podcast join Dave Holmes for some minor key music trivia, serial killer therapy, and horror movie sound puzzles.


 2021-10-15  37m

episode 203: Fat Pad vs Balls

This week, Connor Franta and Jackie Johnson join Dave Holmes for some spicy trivia, witchy 'wiches, and a discussion on Wario.


 2021-10-01  50m

episode 202: Geronimo vs Holmes

This week Cat Baab-Muguira and Ed Morrish join host Dave Holmes for some music/technology punnery, weird cover songs, and some mockumentary trivia.


 2021-09-15  43m

episode 201: Nevermind vs Rank

Fielding Edlow and Larry Clarke, the couple behind Bitter Homes and Gardens, join Dave for some movie-within-a-movie trivia, Tim Burton music trivia, and dog movie title punnery.


 2021-09-01  35m