Comedian Cody Melcher invites funny friends over to talk about really bizarre, bad, and buckwild books he's just made them read.



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      115. 'Git-R-Done' w/ Zach Peterson

      Cody is joined by comedian, podcaster, and dark poet of the plains Zach Peterson to GET IT DONE AND SUCH! *airhorn/finger guns* You can find your copy of the book online and if you drive around Kentucky long enough.   ‘Git-R-Done’ by Larry...



      114. 'The Illuminati in Hollywood’ w/ Dylan Farr

      THE FUTURE IS NOW and Cody is joined by comedian Dylan Farr to learn the ins and outs of how Cody’s new home: HELLywood. You can find your copy of the book online and from the WORST dude standing on a street corner yelling at people about his...



      113. 'Christmas in Transylvania' w/ Amy Sumpter & Alexandra Tsarpalas

      It’s the holiday season and Cody is joined once more by comedian/writer/director/rapper Amy Sumpter and comedian/character extraordinaire Alexandra Tsarpalas to revisit the INCREDIBLY confusing world of THE VANGELS! You can find your copy...



      112. ‘Darcy Swipes Left' w/ Improvised Jane Austen

      Cody is joined by the brilliant women of Improvised Jane Austen to meet our destiny, LOL JK! You can find your copy of the book in the ballroom of the saddest child.   ‘Darcy Swipes Left'  by Jane Austen and Courtney...



      111. 'Real Men Don't Apologize' w/ Le Aboav & Matt Brown

      Cody is joined by comedian/performer/interpreter Le Aboav and comic/writer Matt Brown to finally become the men we never were but were always meant to be(head)! You can find your copy of the book in THAT GUY’s “Man Cave".   'Real...



      110. 'The Devil Wants Me Fat!' w/ Elliot Lerner & Dave Stinton

      Cody is re-joined by comedian, actor, and writer Elliot Lerner and comedian, writer, and illustrator Dave Stinton // to get The Nemesis out of your Nabisco! You can find your copy of the book at the house of your neighbor who has a lot of free...



      109. ‘Baseball as a Spiritual Experience’ w/ Dan Sheehan & Tyler Snodgrass

      Cody is re-joined by writers/comedians Dan Sheehan and Tyler Snodgrass to avoid talking about baseball while being forced to talk about baseball. You can find your copy of the book at the house of your local old man after you accidentally hit a ball...



      108. ‘Passenger to Frankfurt’ w/ Kristin Lytie & Eric Scull

      Cody is joined by podcaster/comedian Kristin Lytie and podcast host/improviser Eric Scull to discuss the intricacies of British aristocracy as they pertain to the realm of Belgian horticulturalists and polite criticism of a Dame in Her Majesty’s...



      107. 'Mommy, Who Is Donald J. Trump?' w/ Jordan Holmes & XL

      Cody is joined by comedians Jordan Holmes and XL to finally teach your kids about nuance and also the complete lack of nuance. You can find your copy of Donald Trump children’s books at your soon-to-be-defunded library.    'Mommy, Who is...



      106. 'Plunder of Gor' w/ Shuffle Quest

      Cody is joined by the cast of the real-play pop culture tabletop podcast Shuffle Quest (Gwynn Fulcher, Tom Harrison, and Joe Anderson) to dive DEEP into the world of GOR! You can find all 1,549 Gor novels in the basement of your local “that...