BGM: Bad Gay Movies = Bitchy Gay Men

This podcast features co-hosts Bil Antoniou, Daniel Krolik and Michael Soulard as they explore the best of the worst in LGBT cinema! Join us each month as we pick a film that we feel could have used some of our expert feedback, and hopefully leave it with some dignity. We'll post the film we are going to watch ahead of the show so you can follow along. Visit our site at and please send us feedback at!

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Episode 192: Voyage of the Rock Aliens with Anders Yates

New episode! If you’re searching the universe for rock music to take to your planet, it stands to reason that you come to a town where Pia Zadora is dancing to New Wave. Anders Yates returns to BGM’s delight to talk with Bil about the cult classic (?) VOYAGE OF THE ROCK ALIENS!   Listen […]



Episode 191: Hurricane Bianca: From Russia With Hate with Matthew Harris

We got our dear friend Matthew Harris back on the show and he wanted to get back in the loop with the one and only Bianca Del Rio! Bil, Daniel and Matthew watch Hurricane Bianca: From Russia With Hate and compare it to the original classic.   Listen here:   Donate Email: ———————– Follow […]



Episode 190: Maid For Each Other

Everyone knows that the biggest threat to the music industry is when your cassette tapes are boxed up and sent to Japan. We didn’t understand the plot of Maid For Each Other, but we were happy to reminisce on its delights.   Listen here:   Donate Email: ———————– Follow Facebook Instagram Tumblr Twitter


 April 19, 2024  n/a

Episode 189: The House of The Spirits with Mark O’Donovan

An Oscar-winning director, a stacked cast and a runaway hit of a debut novel…what could go wrong? Everything! Glenn Close plays wise old maid to a breathy, teenaged forty year-old Meryl in The House of the Spirits and we couldn’t talk about it without the help of the one and only Mr. Mark O’Donovan (aka […]


 April 5, 2024  n/a

Episode 188: Jinxed! with the hosts of Fish Jelly

Betteheads will want to hear us give the Divine Miss M her due for surviving one of the biggest disasters of the eighties, Jinxed! Bil had the pleasure of sitting down with the hosts of the Fish Jelly podcast, Joseph Robinson and Nicholas Bell, to get their reactions to finally seeing the film directed by the […]


 March 22, 2024  n/a

Episode 187: The 8th Annual Oscar Special with Guest Glenn Sumi!

THE 8TH ANNUAL OSCAR EPISODE IS HERE! Our highly anticipated 90 minute discussion of Best Supporting Actress followed by a quick nod to the rest is once again a delight of a good time thanks to the generous appearance of the one and only Glenn Sumi, the notable Toronto journalist who joins Bil and Daniel […]


 March 5, 2024  n/a

Episode 186: Saltburn with Ryan G. Hinds and Gregory Rosebrugh

You all love it when Ryan G. Hinds appears on the podcast, but do you think he’ll ever do it again after Bil screams at him about Saltburn? Join Bil, Michael, Ryan and Gregory Rosebrugh as they talk about Emerald Fennell’s eyebrow-raising sophomore effort.   Listen here:   Donate Email: ———————– Follow Facebook Instagram […]


 February 23, 2024  n/a

Episode 185: Birthday Cake with Mike Justice

It’s always such a thrill when someone who worked on a BGM agrees to talk about it on BGM!! This week, the very gracious author and filmmaker Mike Justice joined Bil to talk about Birthday Cake, on which he was an editor, to discuss the film as well as his own incredible career.   Listen […]


 December 1, 2023  n/a

Episode 184: Mannequin with Ryan Porter

Bil had never seen Mannequin before, and was so grateful that Ryan Porter returned to the show to make him watch it! Find BAD GAY MOVIES wherever you get your podcasts.   Listen here:   Find Ryan here   Donate Email: ———————– Follow Facebook Instagram Tumblr Twitter


 November 24, 2023  n/a

Episode 183: In From The Side with Gregory Rosebrugh

New episode! There are few guests we love having on more than Gregory Rosebrugh, and since he spends his free time playing rugby we figured he would be the expert witness to help Bil understand Matt Carter’s In From The Side.   Listen here:   Donate Email: ———————– Follow Facebook Instagram Tumblr Twitter


 November 17, 2023  n/a