BGM: Bad Gay Movies = Bitchy Gay Men

This podcast features co-hosts Bil Antoniou, Daniel Krolik and Michael Soulard as they explore the best of the worst in LGBT cinema! Join us each month as we pick a film that we feel could have used some of our expert feedback, and hopefully leave it with some dignity. We'll post the film we are going to watch ahead of the show so you can follow along. Visit our site at and please send us feedback at!



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Episode 98: Saturday Night At The Baths

The one thing you don’t expect from a movie about the prime era of bathhouses in the seventies is that it will be about straight people, but we here at BGM are all about irony.  Join Bil and Daniel as they talk about Saturday Night At The Baths by D



Episode 97: Saudade

Why are we doing a German movie about white guys in Brazil?  Because we know how to celebrate Christmas, that’s why.  Join Dan and Bil as they talk about Saudade (Longing) by Jurgen Bruning Listen to it here (language warning):    This Week’s



Episode 96: Myra Breckenridge

For anything who thinks, There must be a movie out there in which Raquel Welch nails a guy up the wazoo, your dreams have come true!  Our darling Mikey is back and he is here to talk to Bil and Daniel about Myra Breckenridge by Michael Sarne Listen to it


 2018-11-26  n/a

Episode 95: Dating My Mother

A lot of us have dreams of Hollywood success and, in our disappointment, go back home to our mom’s house.  In this case, however, we get into her bed, and that’s not weird at all is it?  Join Bil and Daniel as they watch and discuss Dating My


 2018-11-05  n/a

Episode 94: Walk A Mile In My Pradas

We all know that being a straight guy means that you love a meat-lovers’ pizza and are obsessed with lumber, so we’re really glad to finally find a movie to confirm these truths for all you people out there in the dark.  Bil and Dan were joine


 2018-10-15  n/a

Episode 93: A Wedding Most Strange

Mikey is still wandering the Alps without cell phone reception and can’t be heard from, but given how Bil and Dan feel about this week’s movie, he’s probably having a better time than they are anyway.  Thanks to a recommendation from dee


 2018-09-24  n/a

Episode 92: Shelter

With Michael off in Hawaii competing in the international surfing competition, we thought it best to do cover one of the many, MANY movies in the LGBT film canon that has do with that wonderful Bromantic sport, and thanks to the help of a listener suggest


 2018-08-25  n/a

Episode 91: The Object Of My Affection

The boys are back summer vacay and ready to enjoy some New York heat! Thanks to our listener Heath, we were asked to cover a key film in the careers of two still very famous actors back before they’d finished with all their nose jobs and gone on a W


 2018-08-04  n/a

Episode 90: Vibes

It’s our 5th anniversary and we just wanna have fun!!!  Bil, David and Mike are back together again, they’re on their 90th episode and they’ve got the cake.  The only thing that could make it more fun is if Cyndi Lauper is here to share


 2018-06-30  1h13m

Episode 89: You Should Meet My Son

What do you get when you combine Auntie Mame with Mama’s Family, use only two settings and a whole dollop of southern-shaming!?! Andrew Lamb and Robert Watson are here to help me figure it out! Returning to the show for the third time, the creator a


 2018-06-09  1h7m