BGM: Bad Gay Movies = Bitchy Gay Men

This podcast features co-hosts Bil Antoniou, Daniel Krolik and Michael Soulard as they explore the best of the worst in LGBT cinema! Join us each month as we pick a film that we feel could have used some of our expert feedback, and hopefully leave it with some dignity. We'll post the film we are going to watch ahead of the show so you can follow along. Visit our site at and please send us feedback at!

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Episode 122: Brotherly Love

It’s important when studying to become a monk that you make sure to learn nothing about it and then be shocked when you’re asked to follow the rules.  These are some of the things that Bil, Michael and Daniel discuss when pondering over Brothe



Episode 121: Aleksandr’s Price

We love rentboys at BGM, but we do worry about them when they don’t seem to know how their job works.  Listen as Bil, Daniel and Mike express their concern for the main character of Aleksandr’s Price by Pau Maso Listen to it here (language war


 2020-06-06  n/a

Episode 120: The Delta Force

  We love our fans, so it was our absolute pleasure to celebrate the Gay But Not Gay episode with our most devoted listener Phoevos !  We’re so glad he joined Bil and Dan to talk about The Delta Force by Menahem Golan Listen to it here (languag


 2020-05-17  n/a

Episode 119: The Houseboy

For the second time in BGM history, we have the great honour of having the star of the film appear on the show to talk about it!  Bil, Michael and Daniel are joined by actor Nick May to talk about his starring role in The Houseboy by Spencer Schilly Liste


 2020-04-25  n/a

Episode 118: Before The Fall

It’s a time of isolation but we refuse to stop whining about bad gay movies!  Bil, Daniel and Mike try to beat the quarantine blues by delving into a romantic drama based on a classic.  Is this film a successful adaptation of Pride and Prejudice?  L


 2020-04-04  n/a

Episode 117: Daddy

Nobody loves a cautionary tale more than we do, and as it turns out, there’s a lot to be cautious about when dating younger men, as Bil, Daniel and their fabulous returning special guest Ryan G. Hinds learned when they watched (and then tried to for


 2020-03-14  n/a

Episode 115: The Rainbow Bridge Motel

Brian Francis is making great art at Buddies In Bad Times this week, so what better way to reward his efforts than to make him watch a bad gay movie?  Just before his Box 4901 makes its way to the stage, he joins Bil and Daniel to talk about The Rainbow B


 2020-02-23  n/a

Episode 115: 4th Annual Oscar Special with Special Guest Glenn Sumi!

We’re sorry to say that Daniel still isn’t over Glenn’s loss, but we are happy to report that we once again have the pleasure of the great Glenn Sumi returning to talk predictions about this year’s Oscars! It’s our 4th Annual


 2020-02-01  n/a

Episode 114: Fair Haven

We’ve got gay conversion therapy, two hot daddies, and a restaurant you can probably get a disease off the floor of.  Join Bil, Daniel and Michael as they watch and discuss Fair Haven by Kerstin Karlhuber Listen to it here (language warning):  This


 2020-01-11  n/a

Episode 113: Strapped

Can you imagine being lucky enough to find this many clients in one building?  It’s a rentboy’s dream come true!  Dan, Bil and special guest Gregory Rosebrugh are so excited to talk to you about Strapped by Joseph Graham Listen to it here (lan


 2019-12-14  n/a