Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Literary Treks is a podcast dedicated entirely to Star Trek in written form. Each week hosts Matthew Rushing and C Bryan Jones explore Star Trek books and comics and chat with authors.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h18m. Bisher sind 353 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 19 days 7 hours 28 minutes


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episode 345: Regardless of the Cost

New Earth: Rough Trails. We discuss Chekov, the romance, barbarians at the gate, no big three, a hard life, power and profit, our ratings and final thoughts.



episode 344: The Klingon Messiah

The Left Hand of Destiny: Book Two. We discuss why Ezri is here, family, Klingon sickness, the enemy, a second coming our ratings and final thoughts.



episode 343: Uncork the Moon

New Earth: Belle Terre. We discuss how we are feeling, getting to the new world, moon problems, Bones and the science team, no good choices, one solution, runaways, the moon solution, characterization, our ratings and final thoughts.


 2022-04-10  51m

episode 342: Klingon Wasteland

The Left Hand of Destiny: Book One. We discuss our first time, too much war, the problems with politics, an unexpected enemy, a symbol, things we didn't like, our ratings and final thoughts.


 2022-03-27  1h2m

episode 341: 341: Sheer Fraking Hubris

New Earth: Wagon Train to the Stars. We discuss new worlds, more freedom, greed, working together, Kirk, another war, the writing style, our ratings and final thoughts.


 2022-03-13  55m

episode 340: A Struggle for Survival

Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson: No Man's Land. We discuss the format, the partnership, the relationship, what is love, the Fenris Rangers, new characters, the professor, the villain, working with Jeri and Michelle, where to find Mike and Kirsten, then wra


 2022-02-24  38m

episode 339: This is Not the Way

Brinkmanship. We discuss the Cold War, trust, the Tzenkethi, recovering identity, leading ladies, last things, our ratings and final thoughts.


 2022-02-13  1h11m

episode 338: The Little Brat

The Last Roundup. We discuss discovering the undiscovered, Kirk, life isn't fair, making tough choices, hate leads to suffering, Day and a Year, one more time, ratings and our final thoughts.


 2022-01-23  1h5m

episode 337: Buddy Cop Dynamic

Alex White: Revenant. We discuss diving into the universe, Alex's Star Trek story, the book's genesis, redeeming the past, Kira and Dax, Dax and Worf, the Trill, harmony, life is hard, no Trill is an island, a final question and our final thoughts.


 2022-01-09  59m

episode 336: The Suicide Squad

Star Trek: Coda. We discuss coming to the end, Moments Asunder, the threat, other things in the first book, The Ashes of Tomorrow, Deep Space Nine threads, other things in the second book, Oblivion's Gate, hope, the final product and our final thoughts.


 2022-01-02  1h22m