The Orb: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

The Orb is a podcast dedicated entirely to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Not an episode review show, The Orb explores specific elements with hosts C Bryan Jones and Matthew Rushing. We dive deep into this unique chapter in the Star Trek story to examine how it tackles the shades of grey that we find in real life, and how it uses characters over technology to tell timeless stories that connect with the audience.

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episode 140: Gul Facade

Dukat’s “Civil Defense.” We discuss Gul Dukat within the context of the episode “Civil Defense,” including the character’s selfish nature, desire for adoration, hatred of Garak, and lust for anything that puts him on the pedestal. You have two


 2022-08-23  38m

episode 139: Swept Up in Revolution

Michael Eddington. We discuss the character from conception to conclusion as we deep dive into the mind of Eddington as he casts himself as the hero of his own story, based on his favorite book, Les Misérables.


 2022-08-07  43m

episode 138: Boxes of Memorabilia

Top 10 DS9 episodes. We tackle this question to which answers are very subjective. Chris and Matthew independently created their top 10 lists and did not share before the discussion. How many choices will overlap? Will their top pick be the same?


 2022-05-15  59m

episode 137: A Disturbance in the Link

“The Search, Part II.” We discuss the introduction of the Great Link, the quiet threat of the Dominion, the slowly unfolding absurdity of the Founders’ simulation, and the importance of this episode to Odo’s character development over the course o


 2022-04-28  53m

episode 136: Shift in Tone

“The Search, Part I.” We discuss how the arrival of a cloaked starship named Defiant, a new path for Odo, and a growing feeling of family to kick off Season 3 signaled a change which would send ripples through DS9’s storytelling.


 2022-04-14  54m

episode 135: Listening for Personal Gain

Martus Mazer and El-Aurians. We revisit the only appearance of El-Aurians on DS9 and discuss how the original idea would have made Martus Guinan’s wayward son. We also explore the concept of El-Aurians in general and how the three we've spent time with


 2022-04-02  38m

episode 134: Coffee in the Afternoon

“Armageddon Game”. We discuss the Miles/Jules relationship, the O'Brien's marriage, the original concept for the episode, and the story's warning that is even more relevant in today's world.


 2022-02-25  41m

episode 133: We All Put Our Faith in Something

The Emissary’s prophecies. We discuss the events of “Rapture” as we explore the role of faith and spirituality in Deep Space Nine, Roddenberry's vision of the future and how religion has been portrayed throughout Star Trek.


 2022-02-11  44m

episode 132: The Longevity of Memories

“Blood Oath” and Trill obligations. We discuss how joined Trill cope with memories that span multiple lifetimes as well as the choice to bring back three of Kirk’s most famous Klingon antagonists and how DS9 pays homage to The Original Series.


 2022-01-26  48m

episode 131: No Easy Answers

The Way of the Warrior, Part 2. We discuss the insidious nature of the Changeling threat, the tough choices faced by Sisko and the Federation, how DS9 offers rich character development amid bigger storylines, Worf finding a new path for himself aboard the


 2022-01-14  45m