The Orb: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

The Orb is a podcast dedicated entirely to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Not an episode review show, The Orb explores specific elements with hosts C Bryan Jones and Matthew Rushing. We dive deep into this unique chapter in the Star Trek story to examine how it tackles the shades of grey that we find in real life, and how it uses characters over technology to tell timeless stories that connect with the audience.

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episode 132: The Longevity of Memories

“Blood Oath” and Trill obligations. We discuss how joined Trill cope with memories that span multiple lifetimes as well as the choice to bring back three of Kirk’s most famous Klingon antagonists and how DS9 pays homage to The Original Series.



episode 131: No Easy Answers

The Way of the Warrior, Part 2. We discuss the insidious nature of the Changeling threat, the tough choices faced by Sisko and the Federation, how DS9 offers rich character development amid bigger storylines, Worf finding a new path for himself aboard the



episode 130: Perfect Storm of Wonderfulness

The Way of the Warrior, Part 1. We discuss DS9’s fourth season premiere and what amount to a soft reboot of sorts—one that would propel the series to become what many consider the most complex and interesting installment in the franchise.



episode 129: Hitting the Pause Button

“The Sound of Her Voice” and the need for quiet episodes. We discuss why, to advance the narrative, it is sometimes necessary to hit the pause button and reflect, and why doing so is an effective way to punctuate the theme.


 2021-09-06  41m

episode 128: Not Impossible, Just Highly Improbable

Rivals Commentary. We discuss the genesis of the bromance between Miles and Jules, as well as an attempt to out-con Quark.


 2021-02-28  54m

episode 127: True IDIC and Finding Common Ground

Why DS9 endures. We discuss the reasons we love DS9 and never tire of rewatching the series, and how the setting challenges the residents of the station to embrace diversity and find common ground in a way that no other Star Trek series does.


 2021-02-06  52m

episode 126: Thrown Back into the Mythology

DS9 Documentary: Season 8 Premiere. We discuss the rough outline for the premiere episode of a hypothetical eighth season put together by the Deep Space Nine writers during their reunion.


 2020-04-15  1h10m

episode 125: 125: Create Your Own Truth

Mob Mentality and “A Man Alone.”. We discuss mob mentality and “A Man Alone” within the context of social media and the troubling state of discourse in today’s world.


 2019-05-19  1h3m

episode 124: Ferengi for the Win

The Mirror Universe, Part 5: The Emperor’s New Cloak. We explore DS9’s final trip to the Mirror Universe, including the choice to center the story on the Ferengi and how the DS9 writers added texture and nuance to the mirror.


 2019-02-02  51m

episode 123: In a Mirror, Reversed

The Mirror Universe, Part 4: Resurrection. We explore DS9’s fourth trip to the Mirror Universe, including how the reversal of the mirror reflects on our own struggles and why this Kira story isn’t really about Kira.


 2019-01-21  49m