The Orb: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

The Orb is a podcast dedicated entirely to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, hosted since 2013 by C Bryan Jones and Matthew Rushing. In January 2023, we begin a 30th-anniversary retrospective that will take you through all of DS9, one episode at a time, as we shift from our format of exploring the minutiae of the show to celebrating 30 years of the greatest chapter in the Star Trek franchise with an episode-by-episode examination.

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episode 157: Dal’Rok Has Left the Building

“The Storyteller” 30th-anniversary reflections. We discuss how a long-dismissed idea finally found a home on DS9, the search for Bajoran identity, and what the story has to say about the importance of fathers and the power of collective belief.



episode 156: Welcome to the Hotel California

“Battle Lines” 30th-anniversary reflections. We discuss how Opaka’s new calling changes not only her life but also Kira’s, why it was necessary to remove Opaka from her role on Bajor, what the story says about conflict, punishment, and redemption,


 March 29, 2024  41m

episode 155: Double Your Danger

“Vortex” 30th-anniversary reflections. We discuss revelations about Odo's people and how the story sets up the Dominion and why it's important to always keep an extra glass around.


 March 10, 2024  37m

episode 154: 154: All About the Greed

“The Nagus” 30th-anniversary reflections. We discuss the resetting the Ferengi, subtle morality, the importance of fathers, and more.


 July 16, 2023  39m

episode 153: Down the Wrong Warp Pipe

“Move Along Home” 30th-anniversary reflections. We discuss the Wadi, whether budget was really the problem, why the crew should have played more Legend of Zelda, and more. Shap 6!


 June 6, 2023  40m

episode 152: Dead Giveaways

“The Passenger” 30th-anniversary reflections. We discuss how it works as a Bashir story, the introduction of Primmin, the Odo connection, the original concept, and more.


 March 23, 2023  42m

episode 151: Who Is What and What Is Where?!

“Dax” 30th-anniversary reflections. We discuss the complex matter of where the line between host and symbiont begins and ends, how the story helps build the mythos of the Trill, some potential inspiration from Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, and m


 March 17, 2023  47m

episode 150: Like Oil and Water

“Q-Less” 30th-anniversary reflections. We discuss the appearance of John de Lancie’s fan favorite on DS9, the original premise compared with what we got, why it does (and doesn’t) make sense, and how the story makes more sense if you shift how you


 March 8, 2023  41m

episode 149: The Most Dangerous Game

“Captive Pursuit” 30th-anniversary reflections. We discuss the first visit by an alien from the Gamma Quadrant and how the story challenges the idea of IDIC and Starfleet’s rule of non-interference.


 February 23, 2023  46m

episode 148: Miles and Miles of Sass

“Babel” 30th-anniversary reflections. We discuss how the story long kicked around for The Next Generation found a home on DS9, how it sets the series apart from its predecessor, and how it tests the limits of the Star Trek formula.


 February 15, 2023  47m