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The Truth In This Art is a podcast featuring authentic, intellectually curious conversations with contemporary artists, cultural works and small business owners — about their process, ideas that go into their work, and everything in between. The Truth In this Art is a podcast for artists, creative entrepreneurs and curious listeners. Hosted by Rob Lee.


episode 208: Mastermind Team’s Robcast | Unidentified Ham

An episode where Rob Lee & Dann D cover Grave digging competitions Hacking sex toys Kevin Spacey


 2017-11-04  1h11m

episode 209: Mastermind Team’s Robcast | Don’t Touch Them Berries X Commoner Mayonnaise

Mastermind Team's Robcast - The Best Podcast Around. An episode where Rob and Dann cover Thanksgiving foods, Trans-Cyborgs and farty criminal. 


 2017-11-24  1h11m

episode 210: Mastermind Team’s Robcast | Jewish Hoe-down

An episode where eyeballs are shaved and someone goes blind during sex.


 2017-11-30  1h1m

episode 211: Mastermind Team’s Robcast | Cult of James Brown

Welcome to Mastermind Team's Robcast In this new episode Rob Lee and Dann D cover Home Depot's fraudulent return policy Cults Dann cooking with too many herbs Rob Lee being connected to a local drug bust.  


 2017-12-13  1h2m