Medicine, We're Still Practicing

Hosted by Bill Curtis and quadruple board certified Dr. Steven Taback, Medicine, We’re Still Practicing sits down with doctors from the world’s most preeminent hospitals for insights into their research, practice, and education. The first in this dedicated series is Johns Hopkins Medicine, with the goal of not only to share the magnificent work being done by these hospitals and doctors, but for them to be able to use it as a high-quality educational tool and platform to share insights and research to a large, receptive audience. Medicine, We’re Still Practicing is a thoroughly informative and realistic podcast that speaks not only to the layman medical audience, but appeals to the medical community as well.  No topic is off limits, from the insurance industry and universal healthcare to the latest medical advances and all of the quackery and snake oil salesmen you should avoid. However, in accordance with good bedside manner, Dr. Taback and his guests from the medical community keep the conversation light and informative. An important listen during these times of medical uncertainty and differed opinions.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 33m. Bisher sind 34 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein zweiwöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 18 hours 58 minutes


episode 33: 33 - Caring for Elders

Learn simple ways to improve health care for the aging population. In the third episode of our series showcasing groundbreaking research and gold standard practice of Cedars-Sinai Hospital, we welcome Geriatrician Dr. Sonja Rosen onto the show. Dr Rosen is a Chief of Geriatric Medicine at Cedars-Sinai, and Professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine in UCLA.


 2021-07-27  33m

episode 32: 32 - Shortness of Breath

Do you know the warning signs of pulmonary embolism and hypertension? Associate Director of the Pulmonary and Critical Care Division Dr. Victor Tapson (Cedars-Sinai Hospital) shares what to look for when it comes to PE and PH, as well as some of his latest research and COVID's role in these diseases.


 2021-06-17  33m

episode 31: 31 - Healing the Gut

What is Crohn's Disease and how can we treat it? Gastroenterologist Dr. Stephan Targan (Cedars-Sinai Hospital) shares symptoms to look out for, possible causes, and best ways to manage and fight Irritable Bowl Disease, through research he's discovered from dedicating his life to studying and fighting Crohn's.


 2021-06-03  31m

episode 30: 30 - Killing Cancer with Mice

Members of the Certis Oncology Team share their groundbreaking new model for approaching the treatment of cancer using patient derived xenografts implanted into a mouse to advance the development of oncology.


 2021-05-20  35m

episode 29: 29 - Smart Cranial Implants - The Brain 2.0

Dr. Chad Gordon joins the show as the Director of Neuroplastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Johns Hopkins. He specializes in complex skull reconstruction, facial reconstruction, and is on the cutting edge of Smart Cranial Implants


 2021-05-06  32m

episode 28: 28 - Disaster Medicine and Emergency Care

Assistant Director of Special Operations in the Department of Emergency Care at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Matthew Levy, joins this week's show. He specializes in Disaster Medicine, Tactical Medicine Education, and EMS/EMT care.


 2021-04-22  36m

episode 27: 27 - Johns Hopkins Medicine: Reliving The Moments

The Johns Hopkins Medicine Series Best Moments: highlighting the innovation and groundbreaking techniques from our interviews with world class medical experts from one of the world's most preeminent hospitals.


 2021-04-08  26m

episode 26: 26 - Dr. Megan Hosey: Peace of Mind (In the ICU) - Johns Hopkins Series

Dr. Megan Hosey, Johns Hopkins Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Assistant Professor discusses her work in providing frontline psychological care to patients in the ICU. In an extremely unique field, Dr. Megan Hosey is gifted with the powerful skillset of providing warmth and psychological support to ICU patients in very troubled times.


 2021-03-25  33m

episode 25: 25 - Dr. Christopher Earley: The Science of Sleep (Or Lack Thereof)

Are you one of the 100,000,000 people who don't get a proper night's sleep? Dr. Christopher Earley, professor of Neurology at Johns Hopkins University, shares his incredible Sleep Science research, with a special interest in Restless Leg Syndrome, highlighting and discussing the many issues that keep us up at night, and their ramifications on our health.


 2021-03-11  32m

episode 24: 24 - Dr. Martin Brodsky: Freedom of Speech (Johns Hopkins Series)

Dr. Martin B. Brodsky, Speech Pathologist, Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins Medicine, and a Fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, shares his insight on Speech Pathology in the ICU, dealing with dysphagia (swallowing problems), and physical therapy for vocal cord damage.


 2021-02-25  31m