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episode 11: WTKA Roundtable 12/3/2020: Stand and Cheer the Brave

What's I'm sorry supposed to get you?


 2020-12-03  50m

episode 13: WTKA Roundtable 10/22/2020: One Way to Spin It

Minnesota, type of offense, DT and CB, no communists weirdly.


 2020-10-22  52m

episode 16: WTKA Roundtable 1/21/2021: Ziyah Holman’s Boyfriend

I just need Hart to recruit a guy and call him Mike Hart but fast.


 2021-01-22  38m

episode 17: WTKA Roundtable 12/17/2020: Happy Chanukah

You can go on anybody's roster, find a defensive tackle you like, and say 'How would you like a Michigan degree?


 2020-12-17  52m

episode 17: WTKA Roundtable 1/28/2021: Three Hundred Years Ago I Was Hedging

The side of a hill swung open. It was Woolworth's! I followed this vision to Boston.


 2021-01-28  50m

 2021-02-05  51m

episode 19: WTKA Roundtable 2/11/2021: Craig Ross Gets a Library Card

Michigan could walk out of a plane crash in their practice jerseys and beat Illinois.


 2021-02-12  51m

episode 20: WTKA Roundtable 2/18/2021: Why Aren’t You Screaming at the TV?

This was taped before the Milton news obviously.


 2021-02-18  53m

episode 21: WTKA Roundtable 2/25/2021: Pay Craig His Whiskey

I had a pretty good rate of second dates but I usually didn’t make it past four or five.


 2021-02-25  51m

episode 22: WTKA Roundtable 3/4/2021: That’s Just Rational Talk

He has the memory of a goldfish.


 2021-03-04  36m