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Why skin grows bigger as you stretch it

Skin's unusual response to stretching is finally explained, and the latest in a huge effort to map DNA. In this episode: 01:06 Stretching skin For decades it’s been known that stretching skin causes more skin to grow, but the reasons why have ...



When did people arrive in the Americas? New evidence stokes debate

New evidence may push back the date on human arrival to the Americas, and an examination of science’s flaws. In this episode: 00:59 Ancient Americans Two papers suggest that humans were present in the Americas thousands of years before many people ...



Graphene’s magic angle reveals a new twist

Probing the superconducting properties of graphene and a bacteria that can use manganese to grow. 01:15 Magic angle graphene If you sandwich two sheets of graphene together and twist one in just the right way, it can gain some superconducting propert...



Massive coronavirus outbreak strikes iconic Californian prison after it rejected expert aid

In this episode: 01:47 Disaster in San Quentin San Quentin prison is facing a massive outbreak, we dig into how they got there. The crisis has arisen despite warnings from experts, and offers of free tests, which were declined. We ask why? And what c...



The six year old space agency with hopes for Mars

On this week’s podcast, an ambitious Mars mission from a young space agency, and how crumbling up rocks could help fight climate change. In this episode: 00:46 Mars hopes In a few weeks the UAE’s first mission to Mars is due to launch. We speak to ...



Coronapod: Lessons from pandemic ‘war-game’ simulations

Next week, we’ll be wrapping up Coronapod in its current form. Please fill out our short survey to let us know your thoughts on the show. In this episode: 02:15 Simulating pandemics Researchers have run numerous military-style simulations to predic...


 2020-07-03  33m

What the atomic structure of enamel tells us about tooth decay

On this week’s podcast, how the molecular structure of tooth enamel may impact decay, and a mysterious planetary core from a half-formed gas giant. In this episode: 00:46 Unravelling tooth enamel Researchers have been looking into the structure and...


 2020-07-01  22m

Coronapod: The state of the pandemic, six months in

In a few weeks, we’ll be wrapping up Coronapod in its current form. Please fill out our short survey to let us know your thoughts on the show. In this episode: 03:13 What have we learnt? We take a look back over the past six months of the pandemic,...


 2020-06-26  32m

How playing poker can help you make decisions

On this week’s podcast, life lessons from poker, and keeping things civil during peer review. In this episode: 00:44 Deciding to play poker When writer Maria Konnikova wanted to better understand the human decision making process, she took a rather...


 2020-06-24  26m

Coronapod: Dexamethasone, the cheap steroid that could cut coronavirus deaths

Hope rises as the first potentially life-saving treatment emerges from drug trials.


 2020-06-19  37m