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Coronapod: COVID death toll is likely millions more than official counts

As of January 2022, the WHO reports that 5.5 million people have lost their lives to the pandemic. However, many research groups suggests that this number is likely to be a significant underestimate, although it is hard to be certain as counting mortal...



Why mutation is not as random as we thought

Challenging the dogma of gene evolution, and how chiral nanoparticles could give vaccines a boost.



Podcast Extra: Recreating the lost sounds of spring

The researcher resurrecting our declining soundscapes.



Webb Space Telescope makes history after tense launch

In this episode of the Nature Podcast, we catch up on the biggest science stories from the holiday period by diving into the Nature Briefing.



Science in 2022: what to expect this year

In this episode, Nature reporter Davide Castelvecchi joins us to talk about the big science events to look out for in 2022. We'll hear about vaccines, multiple Moon missions, the push to save biodiversity, and more.



Audio long-read: The secret lives of cells — as never seen before

Cutting-edge microscopy techniques are letting researchers visualize biological molecules within cells, rather than studying them in isolation. This approach is providing new insights into how these structures interact in this complex environment.



Our podcast highlights of 2021

The Nature Podcast team select some of their favourite stories from the past 12 months.



The Nature Podcast annual holiday spectacular

Games, seasonal science songs, and Nature’s 10.


 2021-12-22  33m

Coronapod: Omicron - your questions answered

Several weeks after the Omicron variant was first identified, it has quickly spread across the world. Early data are showing clear signals that the latest variant of concern is able to evade immunity and spread at a rate faster than any other variant t...


 2021-12-17  31m

Pluto's strange ice patterns explained by new theory

An explanation for giant ice structures on Pluto, and dismantling the mestizo myth in Latin American genetics.


 2021-12-15  25m