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Coronapod: The state of the pandemic, six months in

In a few weeks, we’ll be wrapping up Coronapod in its current form. Please fill out our short survey to let us know your thoughts on the show. In this episode: 03:13 What have we learnt? We take a look back over the past six months of the pandemic,...


 2020-06-26  32m

How playing poker can help you make decisions

On this week’s podcast, life lessons from poker, and keeping things civil during peer review. In this episode: 00:44 Deciding to play poker When writer Maria Konnikova wanted to better understand the human decision making process, she took a rather...


 2020-06-24  26m

Coronapod: Dexamethasone, the cheap steroid that could cut coronavirus deaths

Hope rises as the first potentially life-saving treatment emerges from drug trials.


 2020-06-19  37m

Incest in the elite of Neolithic Ireland

This week, researchers make diamonds tough, and evidence of incest in a 5,000 year old tomb. In this episode: 00:51 Tough versus hard Diamonds are famed for their hardness, but they are not so resistant to fracture. Now, researchers have toughened ...


 2020-06-17  29m

Long Read Podcast: Enigmatic neutron stars may soon give up their secrets

An instrument on the International Space Station is providing new insights into some of the Universe’s most baffling objects. Neutron stars have puzzled scientists for decades. It’s known that these ultra-dense objects are born from the remnants of s...


 2020-06-15  15m

Coronapod: The Surgisphere scandal that rocked coronavirus drug research

In this episode: 00:52 Testing disparities As testing capacities increase, it is clear that not everyone has equal access. But grassroots organisations are trying to correct this inequity. We hear about one researcher’s fight to get testing to those ...


 2020-06-12  33m

The quantum space lab

This week, the spaceborne lab that allows investigation of quantum states, and the debate surrounding how mountain height is maintained. Shutdown Stem On the tenth of June, Nature joined #ShutdownStem #strike4blacklives. Podcast: #ShutDown...


 2020-06-11  22m

#ShutDownSTEM and the Nature Podcast

On the tenth of June, Nature will be joining #ShutdownStem #strike4blacklives. We will be educating ourselves and defining actions we can take to help eradicate anti-Black racism in academia and STEM . Please join us. ...


 2020-06-10  1m

Coronapod: The heavy toll on people of colour

In this episode: 00:45 Black Lives Matter The killing of George Floyd, a black man, by police in Minnesota has sent a shockwave of anger around the globe. As unrest continues, we discuss the protests in Washington DC and ask how scientists are reacti...


 2020-06-05  25m

Lab-made skin grows its own hair

This week, a new method to grow hairy skin in a dish, and new research takes aim at the RNA world hypothesis. In this episode: 00:45 Hairy Skin Researchers may have developed a way to make skin that can grow hair in the lab, paving the way for trea...


 2020-06-03  23m