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What’s the isiZulu for dinosaur? How science neglected African languages

A team is creating bespoke words for scientific terms in African languages, and the sustainability of the electric car boom.


 2021-08-18  32m

Coronapod: COVID boosters amidst global vaccine inequity

Several wealthy nations have announced plans to give third vaccine doses in a bid to help increase the protection of their most vulnerable citizens - but the science is not clear on whether this strategy will be effective or indeed necessary. Meanwhile...


 2021-08-14  18m

The brain cells that help animals navigate in 3D

Researchers uncover how grid cells fire in a 3D space to help bats navigate, and a fabric that switches between being stiff and flexible.


 2021-08-11  25m

Coronapod: Ivermectin, what the science says

Ivermectin is a cheap, widely available, anti-parasitic drug that has been proposed by many as a possible treatment for COVID-19. Dozens of trials have been started, but results have been far from clear, with inconsistent results further confused by hi...


 2021-08-06  12m

Flood risk rises as people surge into vulnerable regions

Satellite imaging has shown population increases are 10x higher in flood prone areas, and a new way to introduce fairness into a democratic process.


 2021-08-04  31m

Has the world’s oldest known animal been discovered?

Researchers debate whether an ancient fossil is the oldest animal yet discovered, and a new way to eavesdrop on glaciers.


 2021-07-28  23m

Audio long-read: How ancient people fell in love with bread, beer and other carbs

Archaeological evidence shows that ancient people ate bread, beer and other carbs, long before domesticated crops.


 2021-07-26  23m

Coronapod: the latest on COVID and sporting events

Early in 2021 the United Kingdom, along with several other countries, allowed mass gatherings as part of a series of controlled studies aimed at better understanding the role events could play in the pandemic. The goal was to inform policy - however ea...


 2021-07-24  15m

How the US is rebooting gun violence research

Funding for gun violence research in the US returns after a 20-year federal hiatus, and the glass sponges that can manipulate ocean currents.


 2021-07-21  26m

Coronapod: Does England's COVID strategy risk breeding deadly variants?

The UK government has announced that virtually all COVID restrictions will be removed in England on Monday 18th July. This will do away with social distancing requirements, allow businesses to re-open to full capacity and remove legal mask mandates. Th...


 2021-07-16  20m