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Episode 20: Metal Gear Solid with Felix Biederman

Chapo Trap House's Felix Biederman joins us to talk about the aestheticization of war, the melancholy of the deep state, and the prescience of Hideo Kojima.


 2017-05-11  50m

Episode 19: Conversations with Matt Brady

I talk with Matt Brady (@mattvbrady) about Fallout, gaming in your thirties, Australia, and why Skyrim's civil war was such a downer.


 2017-05-09  46m

Episode 18: Rhythm Games with Roger Clark and Trent

We welcome Roger Clark (@rogerclark) and Trent (@goodboytrent) on the podcast to talk rhythm games, their seemingly timeless appeal, immersion, abstraction, and more!


 2017-05-01  51m

Episode 17: RPGs and Sequels with LavosXII

Erica (@LavosXII) and I talk sequels, indirect concepts, RPG plots, and even a little schlocky action in this extra-long episode of No Cartridge Audio!


 2017-04-29  1h14m

Episode 15 -- Side Quests

A No Cartridge Update and Manifesto followed by a serious consideration of why I like side quests so much.


 2017-04-25  18m

Episode 14 - Night in the Woods and Creepypasta

We talk creepypasta and narrative window dressing in relation to Night in the Woods' adept use of the supernatural.


 2017-04-15  10m

Episode 13 - Night in the Woods with Scott Benson

Scott Benson, one third of Infinite Fall, the studio that brought us the charming cult-hit Night in the Woods, stops by to talk game design, narrative, aesthetics, depression, capitalism, and politics. Seriously, it's good.


 2017-04-05  1h43m

Episode 11 - Open World Games

I theorize open world gaming as a genre and as an aesthetic, loosely upon the occasion of Breath of the Wild being so so good.


 2017-03-25  15m

Episode 10 -- Fire Pro Series with Alex Navarro

We invite Alex Navarro on the show to talk Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special, as well as the history and legacy (and perhaps future) of the classic wrestling franchise. Oh and we talk smarks, too.


 2017-03-20  43m

Episode 9 - Nier: Automata

We talk genre in Nier: Automata and the idea of constrained aesthetics. We also get a guest appearance from Ira Glass (NOTE: Not really Ira Glass).


 2017-03-19  11m