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Jerry O'Connell + Phil Hughes and the Mt Rushmore of Minor League Teams

Happy Birthday to our friend Scott Van Pelt. We talk Hall of Fame speeches, Ray Lewis giving the worst TED talk of all time, and how we officially feel old with this year's Canton class (2:35-11:10). Who's back of the week including Steven Seagal and Urban Meyer passing the buck (11:11-19:20). Starting Pitcher Phil Hughes is back for the Mt Rushmore of minor league team names (he's not actually back we just taped it with him when he was in studio)...


 2018-08-06  1h29m

Nate Robinson, Bill Burr + Mount Rushmore Of Fights We'd Like To See

Football is back and people need to realize Chase Daniel has played in the NFL for 10 years (2:24 - 7:34). Urban Meyer is in some shit and we discuss what Ohio State should and will do (7:34 - 16:16). Mt Rushmore of fights we'd love to see in honor of Rough and Rowdy 4 (16:16 - 26:08). Former NBA player Nate Robinson joins the show to talk about his career, how Larry Brown used to call him a little shit and how he would have been if he had stuck with Football (26:08 - 44:34)...


 2018-08-03  1h20m

NFL W/ Pete Prisco + Mt Rushmore Of Football Guys

Rick Pitino has a book coming but we're not going to make those jokes (2:25-4:55). MLB Trade Deadline and who is ALL IN (4:56-6:43). Draymond vs Tristan Fight (6:44-9:26). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (9:27-18:09). Mt Rushmore of Football Guys (18:10-26:37). CBS Sports' Pete Prisco joins the show to talk about the upcoming NFL season, ranking his favorite quarterbacks, Tom Coughlin stories, and the time he ate late night pizza with Mark Davis (29:03-1:05:15)...


 2018-08-01  1h26m

Nick Wright + Mount Rushmore Of Movie Crushes

Aaron Judge is dead (actually he just broke his wrist) and Yankees fans held a candelight vigil for him (2:27 - 7:17). Training Camp story lines, Dez Bryant spent his weekend not mad on twitter, Tom Brady vs Reporters, and Big Ben isn't as fat (7:17 - 10:57). Whos back of the week including John Rocker at the baseball Hall of Fame (10:57 - 20:40). Mt Rushmore of movie crushes with the movie boys from Lights Camera Barstool (20:40 - 37:04)...


 2018-07-30  1h35m

The 2018 Takie Awards (Feat. Blake Bortles, Mr Portnoy And Paul Bissonnette) + We Started A Beef Between CJ McCollum And Kevin Durant

The 2018 Takies are here but first we discuss starting a twitter beef between our friend CJ McCollum and Kevin Durant (3:45-13:16). NFL training camps open and Ryan Tannehill has a knee brace letting us know he's about to take the next step(13:17-18:15). Mt Rushmore of things you love that you lose your mancard over (18:16-29:05).

The 2018 Takies. Our Year End (Middle of the year award ceremony). 

19 Total Awards given out...


 2018-07-27  1h39m

Phil Hughes + Mount Rushmore of Clubhouse Cancers

Football is back because JJ Watt is in the news. We talk storylines we wish would happen at training camp this summer (2:20 - 8:18). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (8:28 - 18:36). Mt Rushmore of biggest clubhouse cancers in sports (18:35 - 37:52). Former Yankees starter and current Padres reliever Phil Hughes joins the show to talk about his career, the 09 World Series, Derek Jeter as a teammate and whether he views his career as a success...


 2018-07-25  1h34m

Dan Patrick + Mt Rushmore Of Moments We Wish Twitter Existed

Tiger was back and then he wasn't. The course at Carnoustie won the weekend as well as hungover golfers (2:23 - 11:30). Whos back of the week + The Mt Rushmore of moments we wish twitter existed for (11:30 - 35:18). Dan Patrick joins the show for the first time since his Barstool Van Talk episode 2 appearance to talk about sports media in 2018, how much longer he's going to work, and MJ vs Lebron (yes we made him debate this with us) (35:18 - 84:42)...


 2018-07-23  1h40m

David Ortiz, Dallas Braden, And Mt Rushmore Of Zoo Animals

Kawhi is a Toronto Raptor even though he doesn't like Toronto and doesn't want to play for the Raptors (2:40-9:10). College Football media day round up including the war on Fortnite and Larry Fedora defending the fall of Football (9:11-16:28). Mt Rushmore of Zoo Animals (16:29-25:47). David Ortiz joins the show to talk about being in the media + the story that he got a special prize for hitting triples in his last year on the Red Sox (27:30-36:00)...


 2018-07-20  1h18m

All Star Christian Yelich + Mt Rushmore Of Things To Pregame For

Baseball is officially back after the Home Run Derby. Cowherd's Manalytics have new and approved sabermetric stats (2:27 - 9:28). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (9:28 - 22:13). Mt Rushmore of things you should pregame for (22:13 - 30:48)...


 2018-07-18  1h27m

Wayne Rooney + The Mt Rushmore Of Monuments/Statues

We're live from the MLB ASG in Washington DC and the French are World Champions. Wrapping up the World Cup and Mbappe is still 19 years old (for now) (2:27 - 7:17). Mt Rushmore of Monuments/Statues because we're in DC (7:17 - 16:53). Who's back of the week (16:53 - 30:21)...


 2018-07-16  1h3m