Random Ramblings

3 college-aged morons talk over each other about pop culture, technology, culture, and the essential questions of life and existentialism. Or they're just bored, and they got together on a voice call to record all this. New episodes weekly!




#3: All That Glitters is Gold

In this episode all three people can actually hear everything Also we talk about Dannys trip to an art museum Nicks descent into depression Abes great cause Smash Mouth sex in selfdriving cars Smash Mouth Danny reviews the Jinx Smash Mouth and Smash Mouth Did we mention Smash Mouth enough Smash Mouth


 2016-05-04  1h4m

#2: Impromptu Loss of Listeners

Nick flips the switch on this one out of nowhere causing Danny to struggle as Nick and Abe go through the motions During Dannys cries for help they discuss the Mirrors Edge Catalyst beta weekend plans the death of Prince and cancel so many sponsorship deals Seriously Nick cmon we couldve got some good money from those


 2016-04-27  50m

#1: Everyone's Pissed

We talk about ourselves, California's pollution, the end of the Xbox 360's production, and the bleak nothingness of Wyoming.


 2016-04-21  44m