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First Nepali film festival in Australia - chance to showcase your work! - अस्ट्रेलियामा पहिलो नेपाली फिल्म महोत्सव - आफ्नो चलचित्र देखाउने मौका

Australia's first ever Nepali film festival will be held in Sydney in November.  

If you're an aspiring film maker and want your film showcased during the three day festival then here's what you can do. 

Sydney film maker Manoj Adhikari is one of the member of the festival organizing team and he spoke to SBS Nepali about the selection criteria for the films...


 July 22, 2017  9m

"God found but awaiting confirmation if it's goddess" - "भगवान भेटियो, भगवती हो कि पुष्टि गर्न बाँकी"

While others are saying they found something on the ocean floor or on the moon but in Nepal people have found a new god says Chatyang Master. -

अरुले समुन्द्र मुनि यो पायो र चन्द्रमामा त्यो पायो भनिरहंदा नेपालीहरुले नयाँ भगवाननै पाईसके रे भन्छन् चट्याङ्ग मास्टर।


 July 22, 2017  5m

Four questions for NRN Australia's presidential candidates - एन आर एन अस्ट्रेलिया अध्यक्ष्य पदका दाबेदारहरुलाई चार प्रश्न

On 8 July 2017, Non Residential Nepali Association Australia will elect its officer bearers for various positions including that of a President.  

Tonnou Ghothane, Aviman Singh Basnet and Dr Mahesh Bhandari are three of the four candidates vying to lead the Association for the next two years. 

These are the four questions we asked them...


 July 2, 2017  21m

"My priorities in Australia" - Ambassador Lucky Sherpa - अस्ट्रेलियामा मेरो प्राथमिकता - राजदूत लक्की शेर्पा

Nepal's Ambassador to Australia, Lucky Sherpa, has officially started her work after presenting her credentials to Governor General Peter Cosgrove on 27 June 2017. 

What are her plans for the next four years and how is she going to resolve allegations of bad customer service at Nepali embassy in Canberra? 

Ambassador Sherpa spoke to SBS Nepali...


 July 1, 2017  10m

Best opportunity for first home buyers? - आफ्नो पहिलो घर किन्नेहरुका लागि राम्रो मौका?

With New South Wales and Victoria government's decision to provide financial assistance to first home buyers from July 1, will this be a good opportunity for people waiting to get into the property market?

Finance adviser Bishwas Bhattarai answers some of your questions in this monthly segment on SBS Nepali...


 July 1, 2017  11m

Santosh taking Nepal to the international stage - नेपाललाई अन्तराष्ट्रिय मंचमा चिनाउदै सन्तोष

Sydney body builder Santosh Shrestha says he gets emotional whenever he hears Nepal's national anthem being played at the international body building competition.  

After winning several medals, including gold, at various international championships, Santosh is now focusing on helping other aspiring Nepali body builders in Australia achieve their dreams. 

He spoke to SBS Nepali about his team's latest success in Thailand and his future plans...


 July 1, 2017  11m

Penalty rate cuts to superannuation changes - new rules to come in effect from July 1. - जुलाई १ देखि आइतबारको दोब्बर तलबको दरमा हुने कटौती देखि सुपरएनुएशन नीतिमा हुने बदलाव

With the start of the new financial year on July 1,2017, Sunday and public holiday rates will be cut for many employees across Australia.  

New superannuation policy will also come into effect from July 1. 

Accountant Churamani Belbase explains what those changes will mean...


 June 25, 2017  11m

Want Australian citizenship - "speak good English" says Turnbull government. - अस्ट्रेलियाको नागरिकता चाहिए "राम्रो अंग्रेजी बोल" - टर्नबुल सरकारको भनाइ

The Turnbull government has criticized the Labor party for failing to support its proposal to change Australian citizenship laws.

The government's proposal include requiring permanent residents to wait for four years and get at least 6 in IELTS English test before applying for the citizenship. 

Mahendra Lamsal is the vice president of the Labor party alligned Subcontinent friends of Labor and he spoke to SBS Nepali about the changes suggested by the government...


 June 24, 2017  10m

"Too hard to turn off" - majority children exceeding screen time recommendation - "बन्द गर्न धेरै गारो" - स्क्रीन अगाडी धेरै समय बिताउँदै बालबालिकाहरु

New research from Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne shows the vast majority of children in Australia far exceed the national guidelines of no more than two hours of screen time a day. 

It also shows owning a smartphone or tablet has become the norm for children of all ages. 

The study found one in three preschoolers now have their own smart devices...


 June 24, 2017  4m

Refugees - "an asset not burden" - बोझ हैनन् शरणार्थी

As Australia celebrates Refugee week from 18 to 24 June, we spoke to Om Dhungel, who is also the ambassador for the annual event. 

Dhungel, who is of Bhutanese background, spoke to SBS Nepali about what the significance of the event. 


अस्ट्रेलियामा जुन १८ देखि २४ जुन सम्म शरणार्थी सप्ताह मनाइदा उक्त वार्षिक कार्यक्रमको उद्देश्यबारे ओम ढुंगेलसँगको कुराकानी। 

भुटानी पृष्ठभूमिका ढुंगेल हाल शरणार्थी सप्ताह दुतको रूपमा कार्यक्रत रहेका छन्।


 June 18, 2017  11m