Shirtloads of Science

Dr Karl’s a curious optimist – a great combination for a science lover. Join him and his guests for weird facts, amazing conversation and remember, it’s never too late for a happy childhood.

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episode 1: Stand-up Mathematician, Matt Parker, on Monster Maths Mistakes

When maths goes wrong in the real world , it can cost billions. Dr Karl quizzes Matt Parker on the mishaps with planes, bridges, drilling and PAC-MAN. From unboxing calculators for YouTube to why footballs should be donuts (if you believe the signs),...


 January 3, 2021  29m

episode 2: Laughter is Infectious. Can we use it for good ? - with Alanta Colley ?

International Health Workers witness daily tragedies . Sometimes they get sick too. Where are the science comedian without borders?  Meet Alanta Colley. With many tales to years abroad, she talks of the parasites she's been infected with, ...


 January 10, 2021  21m

episode 3: White Drink Scams . Dr Nick Fuller lifts the lids with Dr Karl


 January 17, 2021  25m

episode 6: Four diets compared with Professor Clare Collins

Four popular diets.  Professor Collins gives two a conditional tick. It's Fast vs Mono vs Noom vs Charcoal. Can you pick the best ? Years of expertise sorts the dangerous from the reliable - rpt


 February 7, 2021  30m

episode 7: Infinity and Beyond with Dr Jessica Bloom (219)

Boundless. Limitless. The concept of Infinity has been with us for millennia. Dr Jessica leads Dr Karl on some mind experiments to see how our finite minds comprehend the universal.  


 February 14, 2021  29m

episode 8: The trip of a Lifetime with Professor Lewis

Dr Karl has a thought experiment for Professor Lewis. What if you could travel at one Earth G (9.8 m/s^2). How far could you go in one human lifetime ? The answer and explanation will astound you. 


 February 21, 2021  22m

episode 9: Electric Cars Downunder with Bridie Schmidt

Australia is sunny and flat. It should be the perfect place for Electric Vehicles. So why are Australians so slow to buy them ? Dr Karl asks lead journalist, Bridie Schmidt,  from newsletter about the sluggish takeup downunder.  


 February 28, 2021  22m

episode 10: Affluenza with Richard Denniss

A disease has infected our civilisation. It is not a virus but we created it. Dr Richard Denniss calls it "Affluenza" and it may ruin everything if we don't fix it soon.


 March 7, 2021  24m

episode 11: Particle Physics with Professor Lewis (223)

Our lives are governed by physics.  It is the science of matter and energy and without both we wouldn't be here. This past century we have discovered more about physics than ever before. Dr. Karl and Professor Lewis are going atomic in this...


 March 14, 2021  21m

episode 12: Quarks, Leptons, Bossons and beyond with Professor Lewis (224)

When atoms were smashed, particle physics went nuts. The subatomic domain should describe everything but so many  pieces are missing. Dr. Karl and Professor Lewis look inside the atom in this podcast. So what the flip is subatomic particle...


 March 21, 2021  21m