Our mind and body can be transformed through the simple act of walking. That’s why Dr Alex George has made this new, ambient podcast. It supports his mission to get us all out stomping, so whether you’re taking the dog out, hiking up a mountain or maybe you simply need some fresh air, Dr Alex and his guests will be here every week as your loyal stomping companions. In every episode, you’ll hear Dr Alex George out on a stomp with an exciting guest, in a location of their choice, to take a meander into their lives. You’ll wind through uplifting and thought-provoking conversations with a soothing backdrop of birdsong, crashing waves or the breeze gently rustling through leaves. Each episode is split into three parts, designed to be listened to on three short stomps, or one long one. So put on your headphones, follow @thestompcast and join us on a good old stomp.

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Pt 1: Sam Warburton in Cefn Onn Park

Sam Warburton is a well-loved, former professional rugby player who led as captain on both the Welsh national team and the British & Irish Lions.

In this episode, you’ll be joining Dr Alex, Sam Warburton (and Sam’s dog Ledley!) on a stomp at Cefn Onn Park in Cardiff.

You’ll hear them discussing Sam’s retirement from professional rugby, his BBC documentary and how he never doubted that he would play for the Lions.

Follow Sam on socials @samwarbs.



Pt 2: Sam Warburton on leadership, ambition and mental resilience

Being a professional rugby player and the team captain is a mentally and physically demanding job.

In part two of this episode, you’ll hear Alex talk to Sam about his Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography Open Side, where his ambition derives from and how he grew such high levels of mental resilience...



Pt 3: Sam Warburton ‘don’t believe the tough rugby exterior’

In this final part of the episode with Sam Warburton walking in Cefn Onn Park, you’ll hear Sam reflect on the false alpha exterior and share what it’s really like before games and in the changing rooms.

You’ll also hear how Sam’s young family have changed his perception on life and how he found purpose after retirement. 

Check out Sam’s fitness academy page over on Instagram @sw7academy.



Pt 3: How psychologist, Dr Julie, resets her mind

Listen to Part 1 and 2 before clicking play here!
In this final part, you’ll discover how clinical psychologist, Dr Julie, copes when the going gets tough as well as what she’s found useful in reframing her mindset. 
Dr Julie’s book ‘Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?’ can be purchased here and her brilliant TikTok is here.



Pt 2: Dr Julie’s methods for managing anxiety

The feeling of anxiety ranges from person to person and no two cases are the same however, there are things we can all do manage those rising moments of panic and worry, of which are outlined by Dr Julie and Dr Alex in this episode.
You’ll also hear Dr Julie talk about damaging mindsets and how mapping what is important to us can help us to make more mindful decisions...



Pt 1: Dr Julie on therapy misconceptions

Clinical psychologist and TikTok creator, Dr Julie Smith, joins Dr Alex stomping on the beach in Bournemouth this week.
Dr Julie’s mission is to make therapy and mental health advice more accessible for the masses which has led her to amassing a huge following online...



Pt 3: Vicky Pattison on grief and her toolkit for life

In this final part, Vicky and Dr Alex have a moving and candid conversation about the grief they’re experiencing, after having lost significant people in their lives.
The episode focuses on the coping mechanisms they’ve adopted to manage their grief and what’s in Vicky’s ‘toolkit for life’ - the mindsets and motto’s that have carried her through tough times and kept her smiling...



Pt 2: Vicky Pattison on alcoholism

In part two, as Dr Alex and Vicky continue to stroll through Waltham Abbey, Vicky candidly opens up about her dad’s alcoholism, a topic she has only recently begun speaking publicly about.
They also discuss her book ‘The Secret to Happy’ and how her ‘day numbering’ method helps her achieve balance...



Pt 1: Vicky Pattison in Waltham Abbey

For our first episode, we’re welcoming author and TV personality, Vicky Pattison onto Stompcast!
In this first part, Vicky shares anecdotes and take-home advice about how she drowns out her inner critic, the value she gets from her life coach and what she can’t leave the house without - known on Stompcast as her ‘stomping toolkit’...



What is the Stompcast?

Welcome to Dr Alex George’s new podcast with a mission to get us all out stomping for the health of our mind and body.
Join Dr Alex and his manager, Harry Grenville, to understand more about what the Stompcast is, why it’s split into three parts and what you can expect from the conversations...


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