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SER091: Infinity Plus One

In which Thom Bowers and Travis J Coleman give their first, second, and third impressions of Avengers: Infinity War, with SPOILERS aplenty. Plus, strange and awesome things are afoot at select Megaplex locations, possibly near...


 2018-05-01  1h18m

SER090: The St George Chronicles pt IV ~ A Bridge To A Missile

In which Thom Bowers and Travis J Coleman get real for a second and unburden their geek culture baggage while discussing Ready Player One. Plus, special citysmasher bonuses in the form of a quickie Rampage review.  Got a...


 2018-04-23  1h26m

SER089: Snorks Of Recognition

In which Thom Bowers and Travis J Coleman grapple with a number of pop culture legacies and anniversaries, including their own. Plus, Panther profits, Sorkin suits, and a hearty round of Watxh Purging, including reviews of Game...


 2018-03-26  1h17m

SER088: We Have No Multi-denominational Licorice In This World

In which Thom Bowers and Travis J Coleman recap the 90th annual Academy Awards, and all that that implies. Opening music by The Lonely Island Got a question for the SER FAQ?  Thom on Facebook  Thom on Twitter ...


 2018-03-07  2h25m

SER087: Wakandan Constitutional Crisis

In which Thom Bowers and Travis J Coleman discuss Black Panther, the trailer for Solo, more Oscar prep, and the joys/concerns of being a cinephile working in the theater business.  THOM's Watch Purging: Black Panther, Lady...


 2018-02-26  1h37m

SER086: Crackier And Dawnier

In which Thom Bowers and Travis J Coleman say goodbye to John Mahoney and begin their Oscar prep, while purging the watches, inventing new adjectives, and dealing with rebellious technology.  THOM's Watch Purging: The Good...


 2018-02-12  1h12m

SER085: Horcruxing The Show

In which Thom Bowers and Travis J Coleman welcome Chris Jackson and Robbie Rist back to the show, for our 4th annual Spooner-enthusiast crossover experience! (This episode is also available as The Spoon #293: Big Bowl Of Crap And...


 2018-01-29  1h24m

SER084: The Cinemax Version Of Yourself

In which Thom Bowers and Travis J Coleman kick off 2018 with a slew of show-related resolutions, pre-Oscar prep, and watch purging catch-up, plus a joint review of Molly's Game, and a  farewell to actor Donnelly...


 2018-01-15  1h28m

SER083: Star Wars Is Dead, Long Live Star Wars

In which Thom Bowers,  Travis J Coleman, Christina Walker, and Scott Erickson attempt to gather their seriously spoileriffic thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and speculate on the future of the galaxy far, far away.  More Star...


 2017-12-20  2h10m

SER082: Going Full Traeger

In which Thom Bowers and Travis J Coleman perform some last minute clear the decks before Star Wars and Awards Season kick in and consume us all. Plus: Hamilton, GNR, new reasons to hate Ike Tuner, and the most meta joke we've ever...


 2017-12-11  1h10m