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episode 21: 2018 forecast [Special Editions]

2018 forecast


 January 26, 2018  34m

episode 22: Blockchains that bind us. [Special Editions]

Blockchains that bind us


 March 28, 2018  35m

episode 23: 2018 RSAC Outlook. [Special Editions]

2018 RSAC Outlook


 May 8, 2018  19m

episode 24: Data-centric security. [Special Editions]

Data-centric security.


 August 1, 2018  29m

episode 24: Cops in the catfish game. [Hacking Humans Goes to the Movies]

Thanks for joining us again for another episode of fun project brought to you by the team of Hacking Humans, the CyberWire's social engineering podcast. Hacking Humans co-host Dave Bittner is joined by Rick Howard in this series where they view clips from their favorite movies and television shows with examples of the social engineering scams and schemes you hear Dave and co-host Joe Carrigan talk about on Hacking Humans...


 November 23, 2023  29m

episode 25: Meddling with the midterms. [Special Editions]

Meddling with the midterms


 October 17, 2018  22m

episode 26: Making the business case for privacy. [Special Edition]

Making the business case for privacy.


 October 23, 2018  22m

episode 29: SOAR - a first principle idea. [CSO Perspectives}

Rick explains the network defender evolution from defense-in-depth in the 1990s, to intrusion kill chains in 2010, to too many security tools and SOAR in 2015, and finally to devsecops somewhere in our future.  Resources: “Cybersecurity First Principles: DevSecOps.” by Rick Howard, CSO Perspectives, The CyberWire, 8 June 2020. “FAQ,” RSA Conference, 2020...


 January 17, 2022  18m

episode 67: NOKKI, Reaper and DOGCALL target Russians and Cambodians. [Research Saturday]

NOKKI, Reaper and Dogcall target Russians and Cambodians. [Research Saturday]


 January 5, 2019  17m

episode 68: Magecart payment card theft analysis. [Research Saturday]

Magecart payment card theft analysis. [Research Saturday]


 January 12, 2019  31m