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Hogwarts Legacy Creator Trevor Leavitt Reveals All!

Canceled LEAD DESIGNER of Hogwarts Legacy, Troy Leavitt, tells us what happened! ???? In this video, you will watch an exclusive and in-depth interview with Troy Leavitt, the former lead designer of Hogwarts Legacy, the upcoming open-world Harry Potter game...



Why Conservatives Lose Culture Wars. Christian Toto the Film Critic!

Everyone loves Culture. So why doesn't Conservative Media do anything about it? In this episode of CultureScape, Peter Pischke talks to Christian Toto, a conservative film critic and the founder of They discuss why conservative news media often ignores or dismisses culture and entertainment and how this affects their ability to shape public opinion and influence politics...


 2023-10-27  1h9m

BattleTech Implosion: Blaine Pardoe on the end of Mech Warrior

Learn about how Mech Warrior Self-Destructed!???? This one is a bit of an insane story gang. In this episode of CultureScape, Peter Pischke interviews Blaine Pardoe, a bestselling author and game designer who has contributed to many BattleTech and MechWarrior sourcebooks and novels...


 2023-10-18  1h6m

Gregory Frost & the Art of Horror - Ghost Stories, Folk Tales & M. R. James!

"A great scary story is not a brand or genre; it's an effect, it's a state of being." - Gregory Frost. Are you a fan of horror stories and folktales? Do you enjoy that feeling of something nearby going bump at night? Then you are in luck with this fabulous episode featuring ghost story master and folk tale expert Gregory Frost...


 2023-10-02  1h4m

Baldur’s Gate 3 Writer Stephen Rooney Reveals All in an Exclusive Interview!

In this episode of CultureScape, journalist Peter Pischke interviews Larian Studios Senior Writer Stephen Rooney, Senior writer for the massively popular game Baldur’s Gate 3. Rooney is the guy in charge of the Undead creepy crawlies you meet in BG3 & Divinity Original Sin. Stephen shares his insights and secrets on how he created Asterion, one of the most beloved and complex characters in the game...


 2023-09-24  1h13m

Chris Niosi (Kirbopher): The Soul of Mob Psycho 100!

"You are the Protagonist of Your Own Life" - Reigan Arataka Have you ever wondered how Chris Niosi became the voice of Reigen Arataka, the charismatic con artist and self-proclaimed psychic in the popular anime series Mob Psycho 100? In this exclusive and in-depth interview, Chris Niosi reveals his journey as a voice actor, animator, and game designer...


 2023-09-07  1h26m

Howard Andrew Jones: The Secrets of DnD and Baldur’s Gate 3: Fantasy Author Spills All

No other game is quite like Dungeons & Dragons, and no author is quite like Howard Andrew Jones...


 2023-08-31  1h19m

No Chat GPT For You: James Czerniawski, How US Gov & Wall Street are Waging a Secret War on AI. w/ James Czerniawski

In this CultureScape interview, Peter Pischke talks to James Czerniawski, a tech and innovation policy analyst and journalist for Americans for Prosperity Institute. James discusses the current political and cultural landscape for emerging ai technologies and how politicians, corporations, and regulators are trying to take away access to generative AI from the public...


 2023-08-23  1h4m

Cyber Frog & Ethan Van Sciver's Comics Revolution ????????

Are you ready for an entertainment revolution? ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) In this episode of CultureScape, host Peter Pischke talks to Ethan Van Sciver, the mastermind behind CyberFrog, and  @ComicArtistProSecrets  Ethan Van Sciver is a legendary comic book artist and creator of CyberFrog, one of the most successful crowdfunded comics ever. He started his career in comics working for DC Comics on iconic titles like Green Lantern and Superman...


 2023-07-31  1h25m

Tyler World: #ComicsBrokeMe & The Self Implosion of the Comic Book Industry

Who or What is Responsible for Destroying the Western Comic Book Industry!? Welcome to this week's episode of CultureScape, where we will delve into the self-inflicted implosion of the comic book industry. In this episode, we will be speaking with one Justin World, a comic book artist and YouTube host of the Channel  @DrawandTalk  about how he got hounded and removed from his publisher for meekly criticizing # ComicsBrokeMe...


 2023-07-16  1h3m