The Pylon Show

StarCraft talk show hosted by @RotterdaM & @Artosis discussing both SC2 and SC:R. Topics will range from meta, results, predictions, streamers, builds, matchups etc... nothing is off limits so long as it pertains to StarCraft!

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episode 139: Do Protoss have EaSiEr ToOLs? - Big Gabe, ShoWTimE & Lambo on Ep.139 of #ThePylonShow

Support us here:  01.  00:00:00  Welcome back / Show road map / Guest introductions02.  00:04:22  Weekly Events & News03.  00:32:47  Finding good content to stream during DreamHack04.  00:36:51  Competing while hangry...



episode 138: MEMES, RANTS + STORY TIME with Gemini, ZGGaming, Nathanias & RotterdaM

01.  00:00:00  Show road map / Guest introductions02.  00:04:03  Weekly Events & News03.  00:30:60  Updates on GSL04.  00:42:59  How has DreamHack delivered this season?05.  01:07:27  DreamHack playoffs - EU06.  01:29:31  DreamHack playoffs - NA07.  01:3...


 2021-08-25  3h15m

episode 137: ToD, Harstem and Rotti on Mini Pylon Show #137 since DreamHack is still underway

00.  00:00:00  Intro01.  00:00:15  Welcome back / Show road map / Guest introductions02.  00:03:20  Weekly Events & News03.  00:21:28  2021 Global StarCraft II League Season 3: Code A04.  00:26:16  Possible changes to DreamHack's format?05.  00:34:12  Dr...


 2021-08-24  2h7m

episode 136: Lowko and Coco chat about their experiences streaming StarCraft on Ep.136 of ThePylonShow

Support us here: Topics and Timestamps:  -  00:00:00  Show road map / Guest introductions  -  00:02:35  Weekly Events & News / ESL Weekly Cups  -  00:10:15  GSL  -  00:15:15  DreamHack Masters  -  00:28:13  TWiSC  -  ...


 2021-08-06  2h21m

episode 135: DreamHack Fall Masters Group Preview on Ep.135 of #ThePylonShow

This one was uploaded with emphasis on speed and thus timestamps are not currently included. Thanks to feardragon64 for use of his video: us here: - Thanks to the Pylon Show Team:Ho...


 2021-07-28  1h32m

episode 134: Serral, Reynor and Clem join RotterdaM on Ep.134 of ThePylonShow

Support us here: 00.  00:00:00  Intro01.  00:01:44  Welcome back / Show road map / Guest introductions02.  00:04:20  Weekly Events & News03.  00:23:55  Let's talk about life / What's happening with Reynor/Serral/Clem0...


 2021-07-24  2h45m

episode 133: TLMC, A peek behind the scenes

01.  00:01:40  Welcome back / Show road map / Guest introductions02.  00:07:40  Intro to the map design process03.  00:14:43  The TLMC process04.  00:20:47  What and how can we improve the process05.  00:32:22  Testing and quality assurance06.  00:35:48 ...


 2021-07-19  3h7m

episode 132: Rotti chats with Harstem, CuKu and Steadfast about Dreamhack Summer Masters 2021

01.  00:01:35  RotterdaM08 talks about the future of The Pylon Show02.  00:07:38  Dreamhack Masters Summer03.  00:16:53  Dreamhack Group A04.  00:31:05  Dreamhack Group B05.  00:41:00  Dreamhack Group C06.  00:50:53  Dreamhack Group D07.  01:07:44  Dream...


 2021-07-18  2h44m

episode 131: Bucket full of memes, 3-3-3 Relay Race on Ep.131 of #ThePylonShow

Apop, PiG and ChickenBro bring you this team based tournament like you've never seen before! This show was something Apop thought up and planned. Mega thanks to our observer CataStarcraft: A...


 2021-07-18  3h34m

episode 130: Behind the scenes at ESL

We sat down with Heyoka from ESL to talk about the bizz side of making money in esports.01.  00:01:39  Welcome back / Show road map / Guest introductions02.  00:06:58  What you do to make SC events happen03.  00:20:26  Philosophy approaches in esports vs...


 2021-07-18  2h17m