WANTcast: The Women Against Negative Talk Podcast

Welcome to the WANTcast: The Women Against Talk Podcast by Katie Horwitch - lessons in moving forward fearlessly and spreading the (good) word. Interviews, stories, and inspiration to help you live the life you're meant to lead by shifting around your negative talk patterns. Discussions on body image, self worth, relationships, career, community, and all kinds of pragmatic positivity. Dive in. Dig deep. Be the YOU you know you're meant to be. Get the show notes + more at womenagainstnegativetalk.com


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084: From Evolution To Revolution With Seane Corn

Seane Corn is an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher and public speaker known for her social activism, impassioned style of teaching, and raw, honest and inspired self-expression. Featured on over 40 magazine covers and countless media outlets,...



083: Frozen In Time

On this solo episode of the WANTcast, we dive into the concept of “Emotional DNA,” navigating the moments in life that aren’t quite good but aren’t quite bad (the grey area we talk about so often here on the WANTcast), and, most notably,...



082: Good, But Not Good Enough (Community Q+A Episode)

In this episode, we answer the question: what happens when you keep applying for jobs and going for opportunities, but you never get them? What happens when you get so close, but don't land the gig? How can you stop feeling like you're goop, but not...


 2019-09-13  29m

081: Rethinking Pre-Fall + Maximizing Transitions

Without Summer vacations and required reading, it can be hard as an adult to draw the line between where Summer ends and Fall begins. Because although we’d love to have an endless summer…and although the first day of Autumn isn’t technically...


 2019-09-06  22m

080: Becoming the First Best Version of Yourself

In today's SEASON FINALE, two listeners ask about finding confidence and self-love again, and finding positive communities when all people want to do is bond over negativity. There's a common theme in the answers to both of these - and it has to do...


 2019-06-07  18m

079: Should I Follow My Calling And Change Everything

What happens when you feel a "calling" to change things up...but everything is going just fine? What if you're doubting a choice is the right one to make...but you don't have proof as to why? In today's episode of the WANTcast, a listener asks if she...


 2019-05-24  12m

078: Keep Going Or Shut Down With Jennifer Pastiloff

Jennifer Pastiloff’s debut memoir, On Being Human, is set to release on June 4th, and it’s already getting massively well-deserved buzz. Centered around the touchstone stories Jen tells in her popular workshops, On Being Human is the...


 2019-05-20  1h8m

077: How To Tell If You're Using Your Intuition Or Being Triggered

Getting a "gut feeling" can be your intuition kicking in...or a case of being triggered. And if you're a naturally super-intuitive and "tuned in" person, it can be even more difficult than normal to tell the difference. Make sure you know which is...


 2019-05-10  16m

076: Making Meaning + Leaving A Legacy

Ever feel like you don't have enough time to make your mark? Feel like technology (or maybe just other people) are more in control of your life's story than you are? In this solo episode, I talk about my latest "a-has" about making meaning and leaving...


 2019-05-03  17m

075: Living Your Best Life + Getting Healthier Together with Liz Moody

Today's guest is a leading voice in the wellness industry that champions the kind of wellness we should all be striving for: the kind that's got a BACKBONE. Liz Moody is a writer, editor, host of the Healthier Together podcast, recipe...


 2019-04-28  51m