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Welcome to the WANTcast: The Women Against Talk Podcast by Katie Horwitch - lessons in moving forward fearlessly and spreading the (good) word. Interviews, stories, and inspiration to help you live the life you're meant to lead by shifting around your negative talk patterns. Discussions on body image, self worth, relationships, career, community, and all kinds of pragmatic positivity. Dive in. Dig deep. Be the YOU you know you're meant to be. Get the show notes + more at womenagainstnegativetalk.com




068: Valuing Your Agency + Inclusive Actualization with khoLi.

Dr. Carrie Kholi-Murchison, aka khoLi., is a writer, editor, and strategist, developing impactful tools and workshops for personal and professional growth. khoLi. believes that every human being has the right and responsibility to confidently and...



067: Rethinking Influence, Impact + Healing with Jessica Murnane

This ep should be subtitled "The Conversation That Gave Me A Vulnerability Hangover." And that's exactly why I love talking to Jessica - she's a pro at being kind, inclusive, AND pushing you to examine your beliefs and norms at the same time. ...



066: The 5 Biggest Lessons I've Learned About Building A Business

You wanna start a business? Get ready for the wildest ride of your life. Starting, and then building a business that’s purpose and passion based is tough work, but it’s the rightest work you’ll do. Curiosity must be your...



065: Following Your Gut (Literally) with Phoebe Lapine

People like to say "go with your gut." But what if your gut is totally messed up and hurts all the time? Literally?? Today's guest is one of the smartest, funniest, most insightful people I know in the wellness world. Phoebe Lapine is a food and...



064: Best Body Ever

If you're listening to this because you were searching for the secrets to your Best Body Ever...well, I'm so glad you're here. Although, this might not be what you were expecting... In this episode, we'll break down the dangers of diet culture and...



063: Let Go and Let GOAL with Goal Coach Jacki Carr

Jacki Carr is a goal coach, writer, motivational speaker, and co-founder of Rock Your Bliss, which offers radical coaching to help you design a life that...well...rocks your bliss. As a leader in transformation, her coaching style includes...


 2019-01-18  55m

062: Does Pain Make You Bitter Or Make You Better? Healing From Trauma with Brittany Piper

Today's episode is one of the most important we've done so far: with activist and speaker Brittany Piper. It's not just for people who identify as "survivors" or people who have experienced unthinkable trauma - it's for anyone who has ever felt pain,...


 2019-01-11  1h1m

061: Reflections + Projections: How To (Actually) Have Your Best Year Yet

Making mindful goals and setting realistic resolutions isn’t as easy as it seems like it would be…mainly because, much like our self-talk, we’re so used to jumping to the WHATs before exploring the WHYs. Now, if that sentence sounded a little...


 2019-01-04  25m

Baby One More Time: Extroverts, Introverts, and Turning FOMO to JOMO with Goal Coach Jacki Carr

BABY ONE MORE TIME is the WANTcast’s take on “Greatest Hits” or “Best Of” episodes: conversations that were so awesome the first time around, we needed to bring them back! Missed it the first time around? We’re back with a...


 2018-12-14  58m

Baby One More Time: Abiola Abrams on Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone + Getting Your Voice Heard

BABY ONE MORE TIME is the WANTcast's take on "Greatest Hits" or "Best Of" episodes: conversations that were so awesome the first time around, we needed to bring them back! Missed it the first time around? We're back with a remastered version. Loved...


 2018-11-30  1h4m