WANTcast: The Women Against Negative Talk Podcast

Welcome to the WANTcast: The Women Against Talk Podcast by Katie Horwitch - lessons in moving forward fearlessly and spreading the (good) word. Interviews, stories, and inspiration to help you live the life you're meant to lead by shifting around your negative talk patterns. Discussions on body image, self worth, relationships, career, community, and all kinds of pragmatic positivity. Dive in. Dig deep. Be the YOU you know you're meant to be. Get the show notes + more at womenagainstnegativetalk.com


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097: How To Stay Connected To Friends When Life Gets In The Way

Making friends as an adult is hard. And keeping those friendships strong when life gets in the way? Even harder. Life is always going to keep handing you (or your friend) full schedules. Geography and time zones – or sleep schedules...



096: How To Take Care Of Yourself (And Others) When You Can't Go Anywhere

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been asked many times what I “think of all this,” how people can take care of themselves during the Coronavirus pandemic, and what my general take is on living day-to-day life when it looks and feels anything but...



095: Understanding Your Human Design with Erin Claire Jones

Today we've got Erin Claire Jones on the WANTcast breaking down the ins and outs of Human Design - both the 101 for newbies and a deeper dive for people who are already familiar. Human Design "sheds light on your emotional, psychological and energetic...



094: A Single State of Mind

We’ve all heard the cliché that “you need to love yourself before you can love others.” But that's only half the story.   It's time to reclaim the word “single” and redefining it not as something negative or lacking, but as a...


 2020-02-14  12m

093: Your Heart Never Forgets Your Dreams

What does "following your dreams" ACTUALLY look like? In this very special episode of the WANTcast, we celebrate WANT's five year anniversary by diving into the full, unedited story of how it got started...the FIRST time around, in 2007. We'll dive...


 2020-02-01  25m

092: Self-Love vs. Self-Like

Struggling with self-love and body image? This episode is about how to get clear on how you *actually* feel, so that you can start to build a healthy relationship with the skin you're in.   SHOW NOTES:   on iTunes! , delivered to...


 2020-01-17  14m

091: Now's The Time For A Planned Freak Out

It's the most-used WANt exercise for a reason: it's unexpected but it WORKS. Going through a major life transition, had a stressful month, or just wanting to take preventative measures to ensure you don't have a *complete* meltdown when it all...


 2020-01-10  17m

090: Letting Go + Past-Self Pen Pals (2020 Kickoff Episode)

Doesn’t it sound sexy to say what you’re “leaving behind” in the new year? To make a list of what you’re going to stop doing in 2020? But it’s not that simple. 80% of us fall short on our goals in just a few weeks and use that hiccup...


 2020-01-07  23m

089: Is Consistency Actually Key?

You've probably heard the phrase "consistency is key" - in business, in marketing, in fitness, in habit-forming. Consistency is basically the golden ticket to any and all kinds of success. Or is it? This episode breaks down an alternate view on...


 2019-12-13  12m

088: Setting Mindful Boundaries With Your Family

'Tis the season...for complicated family dynamics! In this super short, super digestible solo episode, we'll dive into how to set some simple mindful boundaries with your family, through the holidays and beyond. We'll talk about how to manage negative...


 2019-11-27  13m