Adventist History Podcast

This podcast tells a story of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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episode 20: (S1, E20): Health Reform

In this episode, we check out the beginning of the Adventist Church's commitment to health - in the context of the atrocious standards of mid-19th century American medical practice.


 May 22, 2016  24m

episode 21: (S1, E21): James White for President

In this episode, we look at James White's first term as General Conference president as well as the people and circumstances which made it practically ineffective. Poor James.


 June 22, 2016  20m

episode 22: (S1, E22): The 70s

In this episode, we look at the early 1870s -the frustrating and fruitful period of Adventist church-building, where the educational and medical wings of the church took off.


 July 22, 2016  20m

episode 23: (S1, E23): A Country Between Them

In this episode, we take a step back and look at the scope of work which Seventh-day Adventists were attempting, along with the marital struggles of James and Ellen White.


 August 22, 2016  27m

episode 24: (S1, E24): The First Missionaries

In this episode, we wrap up some loose strings from the 1870s: the death of Joseph Bates, the leadership philosophy of G.I. Butler, and the first missionaries the Adventist Church sent to Europe.


 September 22, 2016  27m

episode 25: (S1, E25): Fall of a Titan

In this episode, we trace the continuing struggles of James White, Willie's opportunity to go to England, and the founding of the Adventist Church's oldest, continually operating hospital.


 October 23, 2016  22m

episode 26: (S1, E26): Shoe Leather

In this episode, we talk about the death of James White and what it meant to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We also mention the founding of two more Adventist schools, which would go on to become major universities, as well as the closing of Battle Cre


 November 22, 2016  24m

episode 26: "The White Hound" - February 2021 Bonus Episode

We are beginning a new thing! The Patrons have spoken: they want more AHP episodes. So everyone will get a bonus audio and video episode (on YouTube) each and every month alongside the normal "numbered" episodes that arrive on the 22nd (which will also be


 February 11, 2021  14m

episode 27: (S1, E27): Coming Together

In this episode, we see how Ellen White handled James' death, how the church solved the problem of Battle Creek College, and how Loughborough fared in England.


 December 22, 2016  26m

episode 28: (S1, E28): European Ellen

In this episode, we follow a Ellen White on her epic, two year trip to meet the Adventists in Europe. Also, we talk a little about a preacher named D.M. Canright.


 January 22, 2017  24m