Captain's Log: Star Trek Features Articles in Audio

Captain's Log is a collection of Star Trek features from the writers at Narrated by our crew of hosts from across the network, Captain’s Log brings to life our written word articles with topics spanning the entire Star Trek franchise including The Original Series, The Animated Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and of course the films.


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2: Ranking the Star Trek Movies

32 years. 11 films. 2 generations of Star Trek heroes and villains. The big screen has brought us some memorable voyages over the years and a few we’d rather forget. Which are the best and which are the worst?’s Christopher Jones gives you a r


 2011-08-10  10m

1: From Unfinished Alien to Pure Vulcan

If Vulcan has a cucumber equivalent, Mr. Spock would be as cool as that. But imagine an excitable, bushy-browed Mr. Spock. The Vulcan we know and love wasn’t always as he is now. The first few episodes of Star Trek gave us an almost unrecognizable Spock


 2011-08-05  10m