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Every 2 weeks, Joe, Ell, and Drew talk about what they've discovered in the world of Linux and Open Source.

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13: Qubes OS + Plex vs Kodi

Distrohoppers brings us a fascinating distro where every application runs in its own VM. Plus Drew and Joe disagree on the best media solution.


 2019-07-11  27m

12: Regolith, Rosa, and Antsy Alien Attack

Two new hosts join Joe to talk about a nice i3 implementation, and an amazing arcade game written in Bash.


 2019-06-27  27m

11: Zorin OS 15 + LineageOS

Zorin OS is described as “a powerful desktop you already know how to use.” It’s elegant, beginner-friendly and looks beautiful, too. Should we be paying more attention to it?


 2019-06-13  29m

10: BTW, I Installed Arch

He didn't stop at Xfce. Jason became that Arch Linux guy. Is it as challenging to install as we’ve been told? We discuss the hard way, and then the easier way.


 2019-05-30  29m

9: Intel’s Clear Linux + The FOSS Contribution Project

Practically overnight, Intel’s Clear Linux OS has turned into a distribution worth paying attention to. But is it ready for regular desktop Linux users?


 2019-05-16  28m

8: Ubuntu MATE on the Pi + The Linux Community

We take Ubuntu MATE 18.04 for a test drive on the Raspberry Pi 3. How does it compare to Raspbian? After that, a fascinating discussion about the Linux community.


 2019-05-02  31m

7: The Xfce Surprise + Entroware Ares Review

Jason leaves the warm embrace of GNOME and finally tries Xfce for 24 hours. What happened took him by surprise!


 2019-04-18  28m

6: Episode 6: Manjaro 18 + Starting Your Journey

The LInux Gaming Report rolls forward as Jason throws Manjaro 18 on the test bench and walks away shocked.


 2019-04-04  29m

5: Linux Gaming Report and Purism Librem 15

Jason goes deeper down the rabbit hole by exploring the state of Steam gaming on 9 different Linux distributions. Find out how Fedora compares to Pop!_OS.


 2019-03-21  31m

4: Fedora Challenge And NextCloudPi

The distro challenges roll on with Fedora Workstation. Jason shares his thoughts on getting it up and running, feeling at home with vanilla Gnome, and why Fedora may be perfect place for his Magic the Gathering addiction.


 2019-03-07  31m