This Week in Linux

Weekly Linux News podcast keeping you up to date about all the coolest and most interesting news in the GNU/Linux ecosystem and community. (MP3 Version)

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This Week in Linux 104: UBports Ubuntu Touch, Pine64, PineTab, KDE Plasma 5.19, Pi-hole 5.0, Zabbix

On this episode of This Week in Linux, We’ve got a lot of news related to Linux Mobile like UBPorts’ Ubuntu Touch OTA-12, a plethora of Pine64 news, and MauiKit 1.1.0 was released. We’ll also talk about the current Beta release of KDE’s Plasma 5.19.



This Week in Linux 103: XRdesktop, 700% Increase to Linux Marketshare, Firefox, MNT Reform

Downloads & Media  MP3 YouTube Segment Index 00:58 = DLN Patrons Chat Live Stream Announcement · [Timezone Converter] 01:37 = Sponsored by Digital Ocean · [] 02:26 = xrdesktop 0.14 with OpenXR Support · [] 06:23 = Firefox 76.



This Week in Linux 102: Inkscape 1.0, Fedora 32, Ubuntu Flavours, Pop!_OS, Red Hat, openSUSE & More

On this episode of This Week in Linux, we have SO MUCH DISTRO NEWS! In fact, we’ve got news from Fedora, PopOS, Red Hat, openSUSE, and a follow up for the Ubuntu 20.04 release. Last week, I said we’re going to give the official Ubuntu Flavours an extra...



This Week in Linux 101: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Manjaro 20, LXQt, Lenovo / Fedora ThinkPads, Void Linux

Downloads & Media  MP3 YouTube Segment Index this section is still in progress, sorry for the delay. 01:07 = Sponsored by Digital Ocean · [] 02:35 = Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Released · 14:02 = Manjaro 20.0 Lysia Released · 22:17 = Fedora is Coming to ...



This Week in Linux 100: Inkscape, KWinFT Fork, PulseAudio + Bluetooth, Pop!_OS Beta, Umix OS & More!

On this episode of This Week in Linux, we have a lot of interesting news to cover including some Application News from Inkscape and a command-line search tool called “fd”. We’ve also got some Distro News from Ubuntu, PopOS, and Umix OS.


 2020-04-21  49m

This Week in Linux 99: Linux 5.6, Qt Diverting from Open Source?, PinePhone, UbuntuDDE, SUSE

On this episode of This Week in Linux, we have a ridiculously packed episode for you with a new release from the Linux kernel itself, KDE announced they are working on Plasma for TVs and we’ve got some distro news from SUSE,


 2020-04-15  59m

This Week in Linux 98: Relieving Quarantine Boredom, OBS, Linux Mint, KaiOS, & Purism’s Librem Mini

On this episode of This Week in Linux, we’re going to cover a lot of great news like the latest release of OBS Studio, Mozilla is teaming up with KaiOS, System76 announced they’re going to be making a Keyboard and Linux Mint’s LMDE 4 was Released this ...


 2020-03-24  55m

This Week in Linux 97: Firefox, Darktable, Manjaro on Pinebook Pro, AMD & Intel Security Issues

On this episode of This Week in Linux, we’re going to be talking about some new releases from Firefox and Darktable. We’ve got a bunch of Distro News this week related to Manjaro, Mabox Linux, LibreELEC, Clonezilla, NuTyX, and Arya Linux.


 2020-03-17  55m

This Week in Linux 96: GNOME 3.36, APT 2.0, systemd, Jellyfin, Collabora Online & More

On this episode of This Week in Linux, we’ve got some big news from GNOME, APT & systemd. We’ve also got some new releases from Jellyfin media server, Collabora Online (an online office suite), and a new release from ZorinOS.


 2020-03-11  30m

This Week in Linux 95: Manjaro 19, Raspberry Pi, UBports’ Lomiri, Arch Linux, IPFire, Shotcut, OBS

On this speical I’m Sick edition of This Week in Linux, We got a lot of Distro News for Manjaro 19, IPFire (firewall), and Arch Linux announces a new project leader. UBports announce that Unity8 has been rebranded to “Lomiri” and we got an awesome anno...


 2020-03-03  41m