Nina West (AKA Andrew Levitt) takes on all things drag and LGBT. DragCast is produced in Columbus, Ohio.


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93: Ohana and More!

We are talking about the latest news from TV’s Survivor and the explosive revelation from castaway Jeff Varner about fellow castaway Zeke Smith, Caitlyn Jenner, and the latest from RuPaul’s Drag Race with our favorite segment,


 2017-04-18  52m

92: There’s Something About Ru

We’re talking about how Ru got her name, Adore’s lawsuit against her management, and what is a local queen? We’ll also discuss the devastating news out of Chechnya, and some happy news for all you fanilows. FILE UNDER: LGBT News,


 2017-04-11  1h19m

91: She Already Done Had Herses, Henny

We’re talking Drag Race drama with Selena T. up in this cucu. She’s hanging out to dish and give us the RuCap of episode 2, season 9. Wendy Williams, best Race queens ever, and the new drinking game everyone’s going to be playing, herny.


 2017-04-04  1h3m

90: The Ru-Turn of RuPaul

Start your engines! 9 is the magic number! Episode 90 of DragCast with Nina West, season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race! We have a lot to talk about. Selena T West is here dishing on the first episode of the season and the casting call is out.


 2017-03-28  40m

89: Listener Email

Welcome to another episode of DragCast! This week we are chatting about the thing that you probably are talking about too, including Beauty and the Beast, Jim Comey’s shocking revelations, and news in the gay community,


 2017-03-21  50m

88: Good Vibes

Good news! We’re back with another episode of DragCast and we’re talking about weekends, birthdays, and ’Ohana (don’t worry no spoilers). We mark the anniversary of one of our favorite TV shows and talk about what we’re watching now,


 2017-03-14  45m

87: Dating and Drag

It’s been a long lonely two weeks without you. We’re back and we couldn’t be more excited to catch up with you and talk about everything that has happened. There was an Oscars fiasco, more crazy presidential tweets, and an intriguing RuPaul sighting.


 2017-03-07  1h2m

86: Wine Time

Are we dizzy from the wine or from all that spinning Nina’s been doing? You’ll find out on this week’s DragCast. (Hint, it’s both.) Mariah and Christian are back with us for a few Oscar predictions and our best guesses for the next big thing in drag sl...


 2017-02-21  49m

85: Grammy Schmammy

Happy Valentine’s Day! We are talking music and more specifically, the Grammy Awards with a full DragCast panel including Christian Cimoroni and Mariah Ward! From Adele to Beyonce to Katy to Gaga, get in on the fun. Follow DragCast!


 2017-02-15  41m

84: Season 9 of Drag Race

The newest DragRace cast has been announced! Who better to dish with us about it than our very own Selena T. West. That’s right, it’s the first installment of Selena’s T, Season 9! We’re also talk about the Gaga halftime show and bring you another edit...


 2017-02-07  59m