Alright Mary: All Things RuPaul's Drag Race

Our podcast dedicated to all things RuPaul's Drag Race, the world of Drag Race and the paradigm RuPaul has created with this TV show.



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      Episode 61: The House of Brady + Edie Windsor

      The Brady Bunch may be a bizarre version of a drag family, but with poor Jan battling her inner saboteur, Marcia serving us fish day in and day out and RuPaul being an inspiration while also plugging her book (and tape), we dive into how and why "The Brady Bunch Movie" is such a draggy movie. We also discuss the impact of the late Edie WIndsor, rumored Season 10 queens, how colonics work, the Best Supporting Actress Oscar and announce what we're reviewing next!



      Episode 60: DragCon NYC 2017 Recap!

      Mary's, we just got home from DragCon and boy are our arms tired! Or something--the point is, it was a lot. It was EXTRA. And we've pulled it together just enough to tell you all about the crowds, the queens, and finally meeting Nick & Amanda of Squirrel Friends Cocktail Hour!



      Episode 59: Drop Dead Gorgeous + Dame Edna + Lypsinka

      When Sasha Belle, standing there in a nude illusion that is neither nude nor much of an illusion, meekly tells Ru, "I think I misunderstood the assignment," she's actually quoting a deep cut from "Drop Dead Gorgeous." Which is only one of the many connections the 1999 cult classic has to drag. We dive into the subtext and nuance (of course) of the pitch black satire of the American dream and the pageant system, plus give some much-deserved love to a couple legendary queens, discuss our...



      Episode 58: Reunion One And The First Sermon By RuPaul

      Long before Valentina was bitterly crowned "fan favorite" to the jeers of her fellow queens at the Season 9 reunion...there was the Season 1 reunion. This episode is not only the birthplace of "I don't see you walking children in nature!", it delivers one of the fieriest sermons from The Gospel of RuPaul: "You Forgot, Tammie!" Shannel is giving us Grindr realness in her hunt for validation, Santino is brutally honest to a fault, Porkchop is the adult in the room we need, and Akashia has a...



      Episode 57: Walking on Broken Glasscock

      The top two queens (as well as Rebecca Glasscock) are just some choreography, rapping and a Tic-Tac lunch away from the crown. But first, a clip show! We discuss Rebecca'a downfall, the evolution of final challenges, third place queens, Merle's hat, Mike Ruiz being extra, Cazwell, The Poseidon Adventure, Joan Rivers, and the world's first glimpse of a now cult classic queen.



      Episode 56: Absolut Drag Ball aka Shannel Loves Herself FYI

      Why you gaggin’? They bring it to you every season! A ball challenge, that is. Season 1’s ball is essentially one long marketing campaign for Absolut, with the prickly image czar Jeffrey Moran popping up for the first time ever to judge and read some well-crafted ad copy. We discuss Shannel’s desperate need for validation, what Jeffrey would be like as a boyfriend, the need for more vogueing challenges, Bebe & Nina’s friendship, and that terrible speech Shannel gave on the runway. Plus, our t...



      Episode 55: The Makeover Challenge aka RuPaul's School for "Girls"

      Every season has one--whether it's jocks, dads or little women, the queens have been giving makeovers since the beginning. In Season 1, they were tasked with turning butch female fighters into femme drag daughters--the more "real," the better. (We disagree.) We discuss what it means to be a "real woman," Rebecca the strategist, drag as a pathway for gender identity and why Bebe won that lip sync. Plus: we move briefly into Season 2 territory to explore why Tyra really won her season, and if...



      Episode 54: The Original #Longcon + Ongina's Runway Reveal

      We spent much of Season 9 talking about the #longcon that was Valentina, but long before she stoned those tights and asked to keep her mask on, Rebecca Glasscock was pulling a long con of her own. We discuss the game we (and many of the queens) think she was playing, as well as Ongina’s emotional reveal on the runway, the embarrassment of Shannel, and the potential Rigger Morris of that LSYFL.



      Episode 53: Villains & Vulnerability + Wig Reveal Trivia + Remembering "Trick"

      “We need to see more vulnerability!” didn’t start with Michelle Visage, as we discover this episode. While Akashia was self-producing as the villain, Shannel quickly learned she needed to self-produce some flaws in order to stay in the race. We discuss her epic wig reveal, plus a special round of Wig Reveal Trivia, a fond remembrance of the movie “Trick,” an unofficial Moment of Appreciation for Oprah, Bebe’s panther on the runway realness, and a couple last drops of Season 9 reunion T.



      Episode 52: Group Dynamics + Tammie Brown + Dragula

      It’s the first group challenge of the series with the queens channeling Destiny’s Child in rival girl groups. They even have some inspiration at the judges’ panel with special guest judge Beyon—no, not Beyonce, Kelly Row—not, not Kelly Rowlands. Michelle Williams! We discuss the character of Tammie Brown, Akashia as the original self-producer and Shannel as one of many queens who wanted to win too much Plus: Dragula first impressions, fawning over Shelly Long and draggy actors.