Alright Mary: All Things RuPaul's Drag Race

Alright Mary is two parts Drag Race viewing party, one part queer studies lecture and a healthy dose of obscure pop culture references, all wrapped in a nuanced layer of dad jokes and pun-offs served weekly with a side of piping-hot tea.

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Episode 449: Drag Race S16 Ep 16 - Grand Finale

It’s time for Ru to pack up the pink limousine and peel out, but first—an uncanny valley version of a live finale! The Top 3 perform signature songs we’ve never heard before, and two of them are actually pretty great while one of them is sort of growing on us. (On an unrelated note, we do a full autopsy of “Bodysuit” this week.) We get some much welcomed mompreciation, plus Mrs. Wind and Mrs...



Episode 448: Drag Race S16 Ep 15 - LipSync Lalaparuza Smackdown - Reunited

Instead of hashing out old fights while perched on stadium arranged bar stools on either side of the stage, the queens of Season 16 are reuniting to face off in a lip sync bracket for $50,000 and, in Megami’s case, a total rudemption arc...



Episode 447: Drag Race S16 Ep 14 - Booked & Blessed

The workroom becomes a writers retreat this week as the top four put pen to paper, photo to book cover and personality to podcast for a memoir-able final lap before the finale...



Episode 446: Drag Race S16 Ep 13 - Drag Race Vegas LIVE! Makeovers

What happens in Vegas doesn’t really ever stay in Vegas anymore these days, which is all to say that this week we finally get the makeover challenge! Five backup dancers from Drag Race Vegas LIVE (!) are perfectly paired with our five remaining showgirls--but oh also, we didn't get nearly enough Showgirls references this episode, I know that much...



Episode 445: Drag Race S16 Ep 12 - Bathroom Hunties

There’s no room to rest this week as the top six put their backs into custom bathrooms with thrones fit for a strange German couple played Carson and Michelle. Plane writes all of her worries down on a piece of paper and tears it up, and that is the vulnerability the judges are looking for...



Episode 444: Drag Race S16 Ep 11 - Corporate Queens

It’s a mandatory meeting this week as the queens give HR presentations to a live studio audience! (Really.) Joel Kim Booster is on hand to give the girls a boost but no one quite understands the assignment, including us. Sapphira stumbles and shines but we’ll probably remember Mhi’ya the most, and we’d like to know more about that midday after party. The Miami girls get a little Florida in the lip sync, and we finally say goodbye to the Unsinkable Miss LaPaige...


 March 17, 2024  1h30m

Episode 443: Drag Race S16 Ep 10 - Werq The World

Pardon our delay this week and slight audio snafu starting about 17 minutes in, but if you take anything away from this episode, it’s that Mhi’ya chooses Equal, Ethan Embry was not in the movie Frailty, neither of us get SpongeBob references, clapping along requires a lot of group trust, we have very subjective reactions to Leland on the keys and The Traitors really changes your view of how reality show competitions should be played...


 March 13, 2024  1h18m

Episode 441: Drag Race S16 Ep 9 - See You Next Wednesday

If the definition of goth is black and white, then this week was a goth-inspired design challenge. And the third this season! Most of the episode is waiting to see if Q, Nymphia or Dawn are going to win, while Sapphira makes two looks, Plasma goes in three different directions and Mhi'ya is acting like she got Sapphira's immunity potion...


 March 3, 2024  1h24m

Episode 441: Drag Race S16 Ep 8 - Snatch Game

Snatch Game may be more a well-worn tradition than the event of the season these days, but sure enough here it is! (And while Megami left the competition last week, when a window closes the door of a car opens on this podcast.) Chad stops by to Cher, Plane takes a non-stop flight to the top by way of Serbia, Sapphira nearly has it in the brand new bag, Q gives us an amusing Amelia and honestly, Nymphia’s Jane Goodall was a barrel of weird and wonderful monkeys. Mrs...


 February 26, 2024  1h32m

Episode 440: Drag Race S16 Ep 7 - The Sound of Rusic

The Rusical is quickly becoming the event of each season over Snatch Game. Much like last year’s Wigloose, The Sound of Rusic is a slickly produced and catchy mini musical the queens need to lip sync and dance along to, in roles so perfectly cast you’d think they were pre-chosen...


 February 18, 2024  1h20m