Alright Mary: All Things RuPaul's Drag Race

Our podcast dedicated to all things RuPaul's Drag Race, the world of Drag Race and the paradigm RuPaul has created with this TV show.



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      Episode 83: Drag Race All Stars 1 - The Grand Finale

      The final four queens have a busy day of interviews, promoting signature cheeseburgers and even doing a 5 minute standup act at the Comedy Store. Such is the proverbial life of an All Star, in this final challenge before they finally give Chad the crown. We have an 11th hour moment of sympathy for Shannel, discuss Jujubee’s inner saboteurs, reflect on Raven the Runner Up and celebrate the wisdom of Cheri Oteri. Plus, we discuss Katya’s mental health break, Trisha Paytas in boy drag, and fin...



      Episode 82: Drag Race All Stars 1 - Dynamic Drag Duos

      The final four are giving us good vs. evil realness on the runway this week. Apparently if drag queens had super powers, they would involve magical lactating abilities, a strong focus on vaginal cosmetics and, of course, giving people spray tans. ("Can we talk about suntanning?" is suddenly prophetic!) We also discuss Disney gays, queer villains, and the expansion of the RPDR franchise, and wrap things up with a Last Chance Lip Sync that's working through some issues...



      Episode 81: Drag Race All Stars 1 - All Star Girl Groups

      Our teamed queens form RuPaul cover bands with the addition of some celebrity daughter guest stars. Shannel is a crisis in choreography, while Raven and Jujubee try to convince Pia Zadora's daughter to wear drag makeup and Kelly Osbourne has the best day of her life.



      Episode 80: Drag Race All Stars 1 - Queens Behaving Badly

      Well Mary's, in this episode Latrice rummages headfirst in a garbage can looking for props, Chad whips out the mother of all Hunger Games references, and Jujubee wins a lip sync by just kinda walking around. We are knee-deep in All Stars 1 at this point! We also discuss queens on hookup apps, the pressure to be a cultured gay, and what kind of sandwich Janice Dickinson would be, before wrapping things up with a Last Chance Lip Sync that we, well, happen to like.



      Episode 79: Drag Race All Stars 1 - RuPaul's Gaff In

      Instead of another round of Snatch Game this season, the queens are asked to pull out their best celebrity impersonations for a dragged up Laugh In. Yara gives us an inspired Charo, while Latrice proves that being the Oprah of Drag Race doesn't necessarily mean you can do a good Oprah and Shannel's Lucy is, well, a little loosey goosey. We Mary out on Tammie Brown, Latinx queens, father issues and spending the holidays in Trumplandia. (Stay tuned for a very special bop at the end, Mary's!)



      Episode 78: Drag Race All Stars 1 - It Takes Two

      Once upon a time, Drag Race tried pairing up the queens in teams and putting them through mediocre challenges for a handful of episodes before crowning the obvious winner. That’s right, Mary—we’re revisiting All Stars! This week, the returning queens show off their synergy with a couple photo shoots, but the first eliminated team is obvious from the start. A kooky Tammie Brown and some melodramatic Untucked unrest are our saving graces. Oh, and guess what, Mimi? We also go on an extended tang...



      Episode 77: Drag Race Season 2 - Reunion

      We are officially Team Tyra this episode, Mary's! We discuss why Tyra Sanchez is the underappreciated winner, the double standards that Raven benefits from, Tatianna letting loose, Jessica being everything that’s good in this world and Morgan’s perpetual stank face. Plus: what happened to Tyra after her season, and more importantly, why? Plus: what’s next for Alright Mary, queening out on some Drag Race adjacent news and a Last Chance Lip Sync worth asking about.



      Episode 76: BONUS! - Addams Family Values

      It's the original Haus of Haunt, Mary! Addams Family Values is a surprisingly queer movie--written by gay writer Paul Rudnick, it's full of brilliant one-liners, perfect reads and amazing women. We fawn all over Joan Cusack (and Anjelica Huston and Christina Ricci and Christine Baranski...), explore the queer undertones of Camp Chippewa and quote as many lines as we can remember. (Plus: info on how to get access to more bonus episodes like this via Patreon at



      Episode 75: Drag Race Season 2 - The Grand Finale

      This is the main event, Mary, are you ready? The season finale of Season 2 has our top three snatching wigs (twice), having lunches with RuPaul that would never be served in season 10, and getting slap happy with the Grand High Witch herself in the filming of a music video. We discuss the origin story of Raven’s ice-y persona, Tyra’s newly tempered tenacity, why we love to sing into a mirror, and completely gag over Jujubee’s dramatic scene. And in case y’all wanted a twist (eh?), Colin di...



      Episode 74: BONUS! - The Devil Wears Prada

      Coat, bag, Mary! RuPaul is arguably one of the most powerful influencers on what drag is and does today--and we love powerful women with sway and something to say. So naturally we love "The Devil Wears Prada." (Longtime Mary's have also heard us quote it incessantly...) We dive deep into the drag of feminine success, the perils of balancing a career and a boyfriend who makes grilled cheese with $8 of Jarlsberg, and why we love Miranda Priestley so much.