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Our podcast dedicated to all things RuPaul's Drag Race, the world of Drag Race and the paradigm RuPaul has created with this TV show.



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      Episode 71: Drag Race Season 2 - Once Upon a Queen

      It’s a literal reading rainbow, Mary’s! The library is opened for this season’s reading challenge—and Jujubee immediately sets the bar. Then the queens are off on a whirlwind promotion of their autobiographies. Raven aims for the bestseller list while Tatianna struggles to spell (literally) and Jessica loves that drink. We Mary out on the importance of reading, debate Pandora’s struggles with Santino on the runway, hiss at the mere presence of Jeffrey Moran and learn a new deep cut catchphra...



      Episode 70: Drag Race Season 2 - Rocker Chicks

      Rock out with your tuck out, Mary! The queens are channeling their inner Pat Benatar (or, Terri Nunn) to perform, in front of a live audience of unpaid interns, a hard rock version of Ru's "Ladyboy" (available on iTunes). We discuss what REALLY happened to Juju, Tyra's notoriously terrible performance, Tati's struggle with standing out, and good god girl... THAT LIP SYNC. Plus, we have a Moment of Appreciation for Sahara Davenport, some Drag Race adjacent recommended viewing, the...



      Episode 69: Drag Race Season 2 - Here Comes the Bride

      Married, William! The queens become blushing bridezillas in this iconic episode. Tyra "The Other Tyrant" Sanchez and Tatianna duke it out on and off stage, inspiring a plethora of classic quotes, memes and moments. We also get a makeup masterclass from Mathu, the effects of boy drag on the girls, some antiquated attempts to discuss marriage equality over the din of Tyra's singing, and an underrated lip sync from Sahara. We veer off on a couple tangents about Sheryl Crow, Project Runway and...



      Episode 68: BONUS! Drag Race All Stars 3 - Meet The Queens

      It seems like just yesterday Sasha Velour "rose" to victory at the Season 9 finale, and we're already welcoming in a new gaggle of queens! Well, not necessarily new. Former season standouts are back in the race for All Stars status, and we're so proud to see it. We rant, rave, and repeatedly tangent from what we hope to see from each of them, our much too early elimination predictions, and who we think should have made the cut.



      Episode 67: Drag Race Season 2 - Snatch Game (The First!)

      We're finally here-- to the first ever Snatch Game, hunty where the queens give us their best (and worst) celebrity impressions. But first, we watch the queens bid on "drag essentials" in the style of the Price is Right where Jessica Wild is confused, Raven is over-confident, and Jujubee is pining for her boyfriend. We discuss Tyra's sensitivity, Tati's defense, and the original conflict-resolution story-line we see on Drag Race with Sonique and Tati. Wanna know who wins? Who cares!



      Episode 66: Drag Race Season 2 - Country Queens

      The queens are giving us Red State realness this week with the classic commercial challenge selling Disco’s Extra Greasy Shortening to the masses. But first, an unfortunate eating mini-challenge that makes the workroom feel like a high school cafeteria in more ways than one. As we watch Mystique spiral this episode (culminating in a very uncomfortable Untucked meltdown), we discuss Tatianna’s true role this season, Raven’s karma, Tyra’s trolling, Jessica’s sexy chicken and just how drunk Tany...



      Episode 65: BONUS! Scenes From the Class Struggle in Springfield

      Marge Simpson trades in her classic green frock for a beautiful Chanel power suit (a heavily discounted find at the Ogdenville Outlet Mall) and finds out what happens when the world thinks you're rich. With a gaggle of country club wives dishing and reading over tea and bridge, Marge slaving over a sewing machine late into the night to repeatedly transform the dress (and herself) and a deep, underlying desire to fit in, we couldn't not give this classic its own episode.



      Episode 64: Drag Race Season 2 - Starbootylicious

      The queens are tasked with using their brains and their beauty (but mostly their beauty…) to make it rain in this week’s Starbootylicious-inspired challenge. We discuss Tyra’s toxic team dynamics, Tatianna’s talent vs. experience, Raven’s star power, challenges that look for uniformity instead of uniqueness, and the nuances of glamorized sex work. Plus, some much needed venting on slactivism and current political discourse, all wrapped up with a Last Chance Lip Sync that’ll flood your basement!



      Episode 63: Drag Race Season 2 - Gone With the Window

      The Season 2 queens are channeling their inner Scarlett O'Hara (of the House of O'Hara?) in this very Project Runway-esque sewing challenge. It's the Untucked conversation that gets us going in deep about misogyny in the gay community, which is particularly relevant right now due to some recent events which we'll also hash out. It's that kind of episode, Mary's! Plus, a Read it on Reddit PSA, our love for Marge Simpson, extended Alanis Morrissette puns and the return of Last Chance Lipsync!



      Episode 62: Drag Race Season 2 - Meet the Queens

      It's Season 2 time, Mary's! This week, we get reacquainted with these legendary (legs and dairy...) queens and what our initial impressions are pre-recap. Will we love Jujubee any less, or Tyra any more? Have we been sleeping on Jessica Wild? Why didn't Raven win? All this plus RuPaul on Broad City, the Emmy's snub, Linda Simpson's "Drag Explosion" and a lightning round of trivia!