Nina West (AKA Andrew Levitt) takes on all things drag and LGBT. DragCast is produced in Columbus, Ohio.


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Simon Chong

Bob’s Burgers animator and director Simon Chong is our special guest on today’s DragCast! We get the inside scoop on one of our favorite shows, including how it’s made and where you can see Simon in the background! Plus,



Ross Mathews of RuPaul’s Drag Race

Ross Mathews is here! And he is dropping names, spilling tea, and sharing his wisdom. We discuss his new book Name Drop, the Name Drop tour, his career in Hollywood, and yes–Drag Race. We check in on how he’s handling physical distancing and he tells w...



Quaran-Time of Our Lives

It’s storytime! We’re telling stories from our living rooms today on DragCast. Join us for a silly, hopefully informative, and heartfelt conversation under stay-at-home orders. We’re talking about what we’re bingeing (spoiler– it’s Tiger King),



Sunday Night Q & HEY!

We’re at it again, already. Join us for an all-new episode where we are answering listener questions about everything from Nina’s new touring life to even more quarantine strategies. That’s right, we’re talking about what you want to talk about (and ma...



We’re Back!

We’re back! Our last episode was just under 11 months ago- roughly the gestation period of a sea lion. That means there are sea lions out there who may have never heard DragCast! So for them and you, we’re here talking about how the terrible pandemic C...



Farm to Runway

Its muthashucking Wednesday! We’re talking that farm to runway challenge and how we’re feeling about the first look of RPDR S11 episode 8. Plus, Nina’s latest adventures across America and where you can see her next. Check it out.


 2019-04-17  54m

Monster Draglympics

We’re going for the spooky gold recapping episodes 5 and 6 of RPDR S11. Nina’s sharing T too, answering listener questions via Instagram live. Plus, our magic feet and good vibes. Stick around for our closing song Safe Place to Land,


 2019-04-10  58m

Orange Alert

Nina takes New York! We’ve got all the highlights from her trip and we’re talking about RPDR S11 Episode 4. All while we were live on instagram. Bonus good vibe for the week— check out this gorgeous shot of Soju.


 2019-03-26  55m


Hot off Nina’s first win, we’re back with a brand new DragCast. We’re recapping episodes 2 and 3 of RPDR S11 and sharing some things to watch from the Pop Culture Corner. Also, check out the link below to see our sister Kahanna Montrese’s new video (wi...


 2019-03-19  1h8m

Whatcha Unpackin’?

It’s here! We finally made it. Episode 1, season 11. It’s RuPaul’s Drag Race. Nina’s on it. We’re recapping the premiere in all its glory. It’s gonna get good.


 2019-03-05  50m