Race Chaser with Alaska & Willam

RuPaul’s Drag Race superstars and fan favorites Alaska (All Stars S2 Winner, S5 Top 3) and Willam (S4 standout and Emmy Nominated actor) bring you an insider’s look at the worldwide phenomenon that is Drag Race by discussing and dissecting every episode ever. They also dive into Hot Goss, go behind the curtain of the Drag scene, and answer emails from their dedicated listeners. Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network.


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RACE CHASER AS7 E8 “Santa’s School For Girls”

Alaska and Willam are in the holiday spirit and want to wish everyone a Kissy Christmas in July! It’s time to dissect this 11 minute opus of a skit featuring natural hair, method acting, and a few red herrings. And the runway?…well was it knit though? Was it giving knitwear? Only Ru can judge the queens…the judges certainly aren’t.



HOT GOSS #154: “Jackie’s Venmo, Lake Superior’s Clap Back, and Dog Brunches” (w/ Jackie Beat)

Alaska is joined by guest co-host Jackie Beat for this episode of Hot Goss. They discuss Golden Girls references, Jackie’s Venmo account, and the horrible news from the Supreme Court regarding Roe v. Wade. Plus some fun chat about dog brunches, how to ghost a former hook up, and Jackie’s trip to Costa Rica.



RACE CHASER AS7 E7 “Legendary Legend Looks”

Grab your non specific energy drink, it’s time for Race Chaser! Alaska and Willam definitely both watched the episode all the way through this week and they discuss the iconic RuPaul looks that our 8 All Stars got to reinterpret for the runway. Jinkx is a little slap happy in the workroom, Trinity and the sewing machine are best friends, and Raja should have pulled the old “I love Reggae” trick. Plus Betsey Johnson is a guest judge on the MainStage.



HOT GOSS #153 “Defray, Barbara Seville, and ‘I Put My Hand In’”

Alaska and Willam are back to discuss releasing the trade, twitter beef, and how to drag a republican gubernatorial candidate with receipts. Plus get to the bottom of one of their favorite references and answer you DM’s, some sent directly from a real cave.



RACE CHASER AS7 E6 “Total Ru-quest Live”

Alaska and Willam know a thing or two about girl groups, and they are here to weigh in on the All Star performances on episode 6. This week they discuss the bonus Legendary Legend Stars, group choreography, and early 2000's references. It seems like no one wants to give tough critiques anymore, but that's why these divas are here! Also Tove Lo has a cake on her head, Jaida has IBS, and Ru is wearing a little yellow dress and an ankle-strapped heel.



Bombas Presents “Pride Chat: Drag Evolution”

Willam and Alaska are joined by glamorous and legendary queens Varla Jean Merman, Aurora Sexton, Nicki Jizz, and Godoy to discuss Pride, Drag, and what it means to be a queer artist today. These queens dish about it all; from their first Pride memories, to the tension filled political climate of today, to the impact and legacy they see Drag having on the world.



HOT GOSS #152: “Pride Gigs, Gazumption, and a Crystal Fountain”

Alaska and Willam return for another piping and steaming episode of the gossiest pod there is! This week they discuss pride gigs, Drag: The Musical, and all the negative attention drag queens are getting from right wing extremists. Plus Willam shares her Pride reading list, and a juicy DM explains arachnid symbolism for Alaska.



RACE CHASER AS7 E5 “Draguation Speeches”

Alaska and Willam are back to matriculate the girls! They discuss Episode 5 of All Stars 7 and all the queens’ speeches. Plus they get into a lively debate about what constitutes a veil, a train, a hood, or just fabric on one’s head.



HOT GOSS #151: "Showgirls, THINK OF THE CHILDREN, and PandaPox " (w/ Latrice Royale)

Willam is joined by our resident MOM showgirl, Ms. (?) Latrice Royale, to goss about all things Vegas, some political buffoonery in Texas, and ALL of the poxes. Plus, the divas read your letters, provide some relationship and spelling advice, and Latrice learns the *hard* way that people really do send in drick pics.



RACE CHASER AS7 “Fairytale Justice” (w/ Meatball)

Willam is joined by special guest co-host Meatball to discuss episode 4 of All Stars. Yes, and things get pretty piggy...and wolfie, and witchy as the queens improv their way through a fairytale courtroom skit. Yes, and Ru is in flip flops and elf ears, The Vivienne's doing four accents, and things are getting pretty spikey on the runway. Yes, and can we get a little commotion for JBC?