Grizzly Kiki | Drag Queen Interviews and RuPaul's Drag Race Recaps

Grizzly Kiki began in April 2014 as a pop culture and drag-centric podcast hosted by Robert Lechuga & Daniel Silva. We launched with recaps of RuPaul’s Drag Race and other reality programming. Shortly after releasing the first few episodes, we narrowed our focus to create a podcast that was unique in concept and would serve a community near and dear to us: DRAG QUEENS!!!!!!!!!!!!! The podcast is equal parts oral history and good old-fashioned kiki. We found that there were few platforms where Drag and Nightlife Artists could talk about their art and themselves in an open and honest way. Most of what is known about these artists comes from videos posted on the Internet or what they experience in bars and clubs. It was clear that there were stories to be told and shared with the world. Our mission is to create a comfortable and safe environment, where these artists can share their histories and experiences. Ours is a podcast that is meant to serve the drag and nightlife community by capturing the artists’ voices and making them available to the public. Grizzly Kiki is a program for drag enthusiasts, Drag Artists, and everyone in between. Listen and Join the Party!!



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      Soy La Más!

      "There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself." ~ Hannah Gadsby On this episode, we discuss Hannah Gadsby's Netflix special, "Hannah Gadsby: Nannette"; Horrorchata & Charlene's monthly party, Be Cute; A misogynistic & lazy "article" from Back2Stonewall about Aja; and La Más Draga, Mexico's Drag Race-inspired Drag Queen competition. We also answer listener questions, so keep them coming!!



      Purging & Grieving

      "Disbelief becomes my close companion, and anger follows in its wake." ~ Maya Angelou On this episode, we discuss "The First Purge" and our own personal experiences with Grieving. We also answer listener questions & delve into the RuPaul's Drag Race "Lipsync For Your Life" archives.



      Happy Birthday!

      Happy Birthday! With Daniel's birthday just around the corner, we talk about our families' birthday traditions & how celebrating our birthdays has changed over the years.



      RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Finale!

      And The Winner Is...! RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 was jam-packed with controversy, spectacle, & high-whore drag. 14 Queens entered the Werk Room, but only 4 were left to battle it out for the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar: Asia O’Hara, Aquaria, Eureka O’Hara, & Kameron Michaels. Join us for the recap of the Grand Finale, where we talk about the Queens' runway looks, RuPaul's wig malfunction, & our new Current Reigning!



      Big Dipper Is Lookin'

      "Jiggle Jiggle, It's A Party In The Middle" Big Dipper is back on Grizzly KiKi & he's lookin' better than ever! His first full-length album, "Late Bloomer", is due out later this summer & the lead single, "Lookin", is a body-positive anthem for bears of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Dipper tells us all about the inspiration behind the album, his creative process, and unBEARable, the bear-centric podcast he hosts with Meatball. Dipper also joins us for the final installment of our PRIDE...



      RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Reunited!

      Family Reunion or Witch Hunt? With only a week left before the crowing of a new "America's Next Drag Superstar," all 14 Queens from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 returned for an emotional reunion. To describe the reunion as rocky would be an understatement. Wounds were still fresh, the hurt was real, and tensions were high. GuRuPaul took center stage as a self-righteous, holier-than-thou, unqualified life coach. Her actions exacerbated the conflict between The Vixen & Eureka O'Hara and...



      Le Musée du Beyoncé et Jay-Z

      "These Diamonds On Me, They See-Through" On This Episode: Beyoncé & Jay-Z present a united front with "Everything Is Love" & transform the Musée du Louvre into a temple of black beauty! We continue our PRIDE month series by sharing our stories about the first time we celebrated Pride! AND, we answer listener questions!



      RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Ep. 12

      "The Number One Showstopping Diva Here For Your Delight!" On Episode 12 of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10, the Top 4 battle it out for a spot in the Grand Finale. They write & perform their own verses for a a RuMix of RuPaul's "American" in a choreographed floor show! After the floor show, the Queens presented their final runway "Top 4 Eleganza" looks & lip synced for their lives to "Call Me Mother." In a "surprise" twist, no one was eliminated & all 4 Queens are sent through to the...


       2018-06-18  1h1m

      Did Your Daddy Ever Give You The Talk?

      "Oh, This Needs To Be Pressed Out!" On This Episode: POSE continues to inspire us & Claws returns for Season 2! Robert talks about Franchesca Ramsey's book, "Well, That Escalated Quickly: Memoirs and Mistakes of an Accidental Activist" A grandmother lovingly irons her granddaughter's Bi Pride Flag. We continue our PRIDE month series by sharing our coming out stories. AND, we answer listener questions!


       2018-06-15  1h37m

      RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Ep. 11

      “Are You A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch?” On Episode 11 of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10, only 5 Queens remain. For this “Resting Brunch Face” mini-challenge, the Top 5 put pancakes in edible drag and served them to Cheyenne Jackson. Asia’s “Panquisha” won her Cheyenne’s heart and a spa day on Rodeo Drive. The maxi-challenge & runway forced the Queens to tap into their Inner Saboteurs. Each girl created two looks/characters inspired by their best and worst qualities. What could possibly go wr...


       2018-06-11  1h24m