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episode 80: GNR 80 – Geil on Main

Dave and Fab sit down to talk about Destiny 2, drawing on the iPad, Dicey Dungeons and Brexit, of course.



episode 79: GNR 79 – The Fresno Bee

Topics: Brexit, Donald Trump, Elite Dangerous, History, Journalism, Politics


 2019-01-17  3h3m

episode 78: GNR 78 – Mars Pattern Titanium Liver

Merry Christmas and a happy Brexit, everyone! We wrap up 2018 in style and look forward to 2019 with a massive two and a half hours long show.


 2018-12-24  2h39m

episode 77: GNR 77 – Hit Them with the Parliamentary Mace

Topics: Card Games, Esports, Magic The Gathering, Obsidian Entertainment, Pokémon, Politics, RPG, The Outer Worlds, Trading Card Games


 2018-12-22  1h50m

episode 76: GNR 76 – Dan Shot First

Once again injecting some outlaw flavour into GNR, Dan and Fab talk about GPL Enforcement and Red Dead Redemption 2


 2018-12-16  2h4m

episode 75: GNR 75 – A Day Ending in Y

Dave, Mike and Fab talk Warhammer 40K, Magic: The Gathering and also look at The Expanse Board Game.


 2018-12-13  2h36m

episode 74: GNR 74 – Real People aren’t an Option

On this instalment of GNR, Dave and Fab talk about Fallout 76 and discuss Magic: The Gathering for ages.


 2018-12-08  2h29m

episode 73: GNR 73 – The Raleigh Screwjob

Topics: Bradley Kuhn, Copyleft, Edinburgh, IBM, Legal, Licenses, Linus Torvalds, Linux, MongoDB, Open Source, Open Source Summit, Red Hat, SSPL


 2018-11-05  1h31m

episode 72: GNR 72 – People with Money are the Problem

It's been some time, but we are back. Fab and Dave talk Magic the Gathering, Rise of Industry and Linux kernel shenanigans. Fab also reviews Shadow of the Tomb Raider.


 2018-11-04  2h16m

episode 71: GNR 71 – Sealing the Trees

This is a long one. Dave, Mike and Fab talk Warhammer 40K, Kill Team and also give a short review of The Bard's Tale IV.


 2018-09-19  2h36m