History Of The Great War

History of the Great War is a weekly podcast that will cover the First World War that occurred from 1914 and 1918. Every week we will be discussing the events that occurred exactly 100 years ago. We will journey from the borders of France in the blistering heat of 1914, to the shores of Gallipoli, to the banks of Somme, to the final knockout attempt by the German army in the spring of 1918.


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Battle of the Frontiers

With the Germans marching through Belgium the French begin their series of attacks that they think will end the war quickly. From Lorraine in the South, to the Ardennes Forest, to Belgium in the north the French ready three hammer blows against the...


 2014-08-16  26m


The war has started and soldiers are on the move. The Germans are ready to begin their march through Belgium but first they must deal with the formidable fortifications at Liege. Liege has some of the best fortifications in the world, but the Germans...


 2014-08-09  24m


During the first week of August men and armies all over Europe were preparing for war. Millions of troops were being mobilized and moving toward the front and the fighting had begun in many places in Serbia, Belgium, and France. This week we will look...


 2014-08-02  25m

July Crisis Part 3

The events of the July Crisis come to their seemingly inevitable conclusion. We will start our narrative on July 26th and follow it all the way through until the declarations of war begin to fly in the first few days of August. Learn more about your...


 2014-07-26  15m

July Crisis Part 2

The third week of July saw the Austro-Hungarian ultimatum delivered to Serbia and a response given by Serbia. The reply was rejected and the mobilization of Serbia and Austria-Hungary would begin. This week we look at the events that led up to these...


 2014-07-19  25m

July Crisis Part 1

The diplomatic maneuvering of July 1914 would go down in history as the July Crisis. This week we begin navigating the complicated waters of this crisis by introducing the primary diplomatic players in the crisis and then covering the events of the...


 2014-07-12  14m

War Has Changed

War had changed in the years leading up to 1914. Never before had armies been so large, never before had there been such a robust and developed rail network to move the troops around, never before had there been such large concentrations of machine...


 2014-07-05  27m

100 Years Ago Today

100 Years ago today Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by a Serbian radical in Sarajevo. How did this event result in a war that would consume not just Europe but the World? In this episode we will talk about the situation in Europe in 1914 and...


 2014-06-28  19m