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The ”in good shape” studio discussion: each week we invite an expert to the studio to talk about issues concerning health and well-being. Topics include alternative or conventional medicine, exercise, nutrition and wellness. That and more on ”in good shape” every week on DW-TV.

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Bad news: We talk to an expert.

How much bad news can we tolerate each day and what can we do about sensory overload caused by media consumption? In Good Shape talks to psychoanalyst Benigna Gerisch.



Noise: a discussion with experts

André Fiebig knows all about noise. He's a professor of psychoacoustics at Berlin's Technical University, and he knows why noise harms us.



The risks of diet fads - We talk to an expert

Nils Binnberg was caught up in the whirlwind of dietary trends, but it didn’t make him feel healthier. On the contrary, the 42-year-old journalist’s life only became more difficult. He talks with In Good Shape about his experiences.


 2020-08-21  9m

Gender medicine - the expert’s opinion

Jörg Blech is a journalist and author. On in Good Shape, he explains why men come down with Covid-19 more frequently than women do and why women live longer than men.


 2020-07-30  5m

We talk to an expert about the liver

Gastroenterologist and nutrition expert Dr. Andreas Sturm talks about the liver and what we should and should not eat to keep it in good condition.


 2020-07-10  5m

Self-optimization - We speak to an expert

In Good Shape meets up with journalist and author Isabell Prophet in Berlin. She talks about the modern-day pressure to improve yourself and where it comes from. And she explains why it’s important to learn to be content with who you are.


 2020-07-03  6m

Vaccines - we talk to an expert

In Good Shape goes to the German Museum of Technology in Berlin to meet virologist Professor Dr. Hendrik Streeck. He talks about which vaccinations we need and the potential risks behind them. And he explains what ‘herd immunity‘ is.


 2020-06-26  8m

Fitness - an expert opinion

In Good Shape talks fitness with sports physician Fernando Dimeo. He gives tips on keeping fit and explains why there’s more to fitness than strength and stamina.


 2020-06-19  8m

Parkinson’s disease - our interview

Neurologist Patricia Krause and tai chi instructor Mirko Lorenz explain why movement and exercise helps Parkinson’s patients. What types of movement are best?


 2020-06-12  6m

Ticks - our guest expert

DW teams up with tick researcher Peter Hagedorn to go out to the forest to look for ticks. Find out more about these dangerous little bloodsuckers.


 2020-06-05  9m