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Linux Action News 187

A spicy mix of distro news, including Rocky Linux's first milestone release, and our follow-up on the University of Minnesota’s kernel ban.


 2021-05-03  23m

Linux Action News 186

The University of Minnesota has been banned from the Linux kernel. We'll share the history, the context, and where things stand now around the controversial research that led to the ban.


 2021-04-26  24m

Linux Action News 185

The major shift in the Linux landscape this week that was hardly noticed, and our thoughts on COSMIC from System76.


 2021-04-19  25m

Linux Action News 184

Don't buy that M1-powered Apple machine just yet, solving Wayland-driven fragmentation, and why Firefox is about to get an upgrade on Linux.


 2021-04-12  22m

Linux Action News 183

The first CentOS clone is out, but it's the second part of their announcement that might be the most important. Plus our reaction to SCO reigniting their decades-long fight with IBM and Red Hat, and the big news in GTK-land you might have missed.


 2021-04-05  27m

Linux Action News 182

GNOME 40 is out and we chat with the project’s Executive Director about the technical and visual improvements in the new release.


 2021-03-29  22m

Linux Action News 181

Mobile Linux OSes are looking better than ever this week, a new effort to keep legacy applications running on Linux, and the signals indicating a Fuchsia release is nigh.


 2021-03-22  23m

Linux Action News 180

The A-Team assembled to make open source more trustworthy, why we might be about to find out how much SUSE is worth, and some essential project updates.


 2021-03-14  24m

Linux Action News 179

Canonical reveals long-term Ubuntu plans that you might have missed, and the "double ungood" warning from Linus this week.


 2021-03-08  29m

Linux Action News 178

Red Hat is still in damage control mode, a new hacker laptop called Framework makes bold promises, and what Google is spending money on in the Linux kernel.


 2021-03-01  25m