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Cameron at 10 - the inside story of Cameron's premiership [Audio]

Speaker(s): Dr Anthony Seldon, Peter Snowdon | On 11 May 2010, David Cameron entered Downing Street as the youngest prime minister since Lord Liverpool in 1812. He stood at the head of the first Coalition government in 65 years...


 2015-10-14  1h11m

The Silo Effect: why putting everything in its place isn't such a bright idea [Audio]

Speaker(s): Gillian Tett | As global organisations become increasingly sophisticated and complex, they also become interlinked but subdivided to increase productivity. Added to this, the human element of competitiveness and protectiveness enhances the conditions for silos to take shape...


 2015-10-14  1h24m

Confronting Gender Inequality: findings from the LSE Commission on Gender, Inequality and Power [Audio]

Speaker(s): Shami Chakrabarti, Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi, Anne Perkins | The LSE Commission on Gender, Inequality and Power will present their findings at this public debate, and copies of the Final Report will be available for attendees. Examining persisting inequalities between women and men in the UK, the Commission has focused on the media, the economic sphere, political life, and the legal profession...


 2015-10-13  1h27m

Shobhana Bhartia in conversation with Mukulika Banerjee [Audio]

Speaker(s): Shobhana Bhartia | Shobhana Bhartia and Mukulika Banerjee will debate the sensitive relationship between media and politics in contemporary society, weaving in issues of reportage, print and electronic coverage, online news, 24/7 news knowledge, and the like...


 2015-10-13  1h24m

The Future of the Euro and the Politics of Debt [Audio]

Speaker(s): Martin Sandbu | Originally conceived as part of a unifying vision for Europe, the euro is now viewed as a millstone around the neck of a continent crippled by vast debts, sluggish economies, and growing populist dissent...


 2015-10-13  1h33m

Migration and security challenges in the Mediterranean: every country for itself or a European response? [Audio]

Speaker(s): Angelino Alfano | From London the Mediterranean looks a long way away, but this distance is deceptive. In 2015, 250,000 refugees and migrants have already arrived in Italy and Greece through the Med, Europe's southern border. The effects of this influx of people are being felt throughout the Continent, from Sicily to Calais...


 2015-10-13  1h2m

Is Africa Rising: a personal perspective from Winnie Byanyima [Audio]

Speaker(s): Winnie Byanyima | Winnie will reflect on her own life and experiences growing up in Uganda, and discuss the true nature of Africa's growth story and how we must tackle crisis of inequality in Africa. Born in Uganda, Winnie Byanyima (@Winnie_Byanyima) is the Executive Director of Oxfam International. She has been a leader on women’s rights, democratic governance and peace building, spanning the diplomatic, multilateral, legislative and civil society arenas...


 2015-10-12  1h23m

The Coming Revolution in 'Data Access and Research Transparency' in Social Scientific Research [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Andrew Moravcsik | Advances in qualitative sources' accessibility are transforming the way these sources are used—and cited. Professor Andrew Moravcsik will discuss the multidisciplinary, multi-institutional effort to generate new standards in this digital age. Andrew Moravcsik is Professor of Politics and International Affairs, and Director of the European Union Program in the Department of Politics and Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University...


 2015-10-08  1h32m

The Crisis in European Security [Audio]

Speaker(s): Sir Robert Cooper, Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger, Professor Karen Smith | European security is in crisis. 25 years after the Cold War, we are still far from the OSCE vision of "Europe whole and free" or "the common European home". The speakers will discuss the origins of the crisis and what should be done to resolve it. Sir Robert Cooper and Ambassador Ischinger are Senior Fellows of the Dahrendorf Forum...


 2015-10-08  1h30m

Women, Peace and Security: tackling the cycle of violence against women [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Christine Chinkin | In 2000, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 acknowledged both the impact of armed conflict on women, and the importance of their participation in policy and decision-making. It recognised that sexual violence constitutes a threat to international peace and security both through its incidence in conflict and, without steps to address it, through its continuing divisiveness on societies...


 2015-10-08  1h28m