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episode 152: Invasion Of The New Years Gym Mullets

The annual New Year’s gym invasion is in full swing. We now find ourselves maneuvering through a herd of unfamiliar faces while we search for an empty squat rack that isn’t already occupied by someone doing curls. But not to worry! If this year is anything like all previous years, most of these folks will be gone within the first 14 days. Why? Because their strategy yields no results and without results there is no enthusiasm...



episode 151: Tyler Brey - IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and BJJ Black Belt

With us today is IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and BJJ Black Belt, Tyler Brey. Tyler’s not only an IFBB pro bodybuilder, a former powerlifter, a black belt in BJJ and a personal trainer but he was also born with Spina Bifida. So how did he accomplish all these physical feats having Spina Bifida? Better yet, how was he able to use it to his advantage at times? Don't miss it! https://www.ironcompany.com


 2021-12-13  1h24m

episode 150: Michael Krivka - Kettlebells, Barbells and Martial Arts

Todays guest was long time friend of the podcast, Michael Krivka. He is a Master RKC and owner of CrossFit Koncepts in Gaithersburg, MD. We discussed his background in martial arts, kettlebell training and strength training, how they can all be integrated together and how he owes his life to the resiliency created through training that kept him alive during a recent "Widow Maker" heart attack. Don't miss it! https://www.ironcompany.com


 2021-12-06  1h32m

episode 149: Preparing The Body & Mind For The New Year

Today we wanted to discuss prepping for the new year. A lot of people out there set “New Year’s Resolutions” to lose weight, eat better, pack on some muscle or whatever. Most the time these well intended “wishes” backfire and go up in smoke because they were just that, a wish and not an actual plan. How about doing something different this year….like getting the results you seek and holding onto them throughout the year? https://www.ironcompany.com


 2021-11-22  1h29m

episode 148: Improvisational Training

Today we discussed Improvisational Training. Have you become too attached to certain training methods, tactics and procedures that are no longer yielding results? Listen in while we explore our various arrows in the quiver that are guaranteed to get your training progress back on track. https://www.ironcompany.com


 2021-11-08  1h7m

episode 147: Dr. Don Berry | Strength Is Life

After recently having surgery to correct his Diverticulitis, at the age of 61 Dr. Don Berry is proof positive that strength training is key to our resiliency and ability to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for the challenges we face in life. https://www.ironcompany.com


 2021-11-01  1h33m

episode 146: Ed Coan | Why He Is The Greatest Powerlifter Of All Time

With us today was the undisputed King of absolute strength, the greatest of all time, Ed Coan. But what is it that really makes Ed the greatest powerlifter of all time? His more than 71 world records or his 2,463 lb. total at 241 lbs.? Yes, but there is a lot more to it than that. Tune in while we peel back the layers of Ed Coan history and reveal some of the strategies that made him the greatest. https://www.ironcompany.com


 2021-10-25  1h36m

episode 145: Zach Even-Esh | Sustained Strength Expert

Today we welcomed back our "sustained strength expert" Zach Even-Esh. He took us through the importance of sustained strength and how to properly integrate absolute strength training and the right tools for maximum endurance, strength and performance. A great listen for athletes of all ages and those wanting to add more intensity into their training. https://www.ironcompany.com


 2021-10-18  1h45m

episode 144: Unique Traits That Shaped World Champion Athletes

Most professional and world class athletes share foundational traits and qualities necessary that help shape them into what they've become, such as discipline and passion. Outside of that, we examined some of the more unique examples that set them apart from everyone else. https://www.ironcompany.com


 2021-10-11  1h27m

episode 143: Hugh Cassidy | Super Heavyweight Powerlifting Pioneer

Hugh Cassidy was a powerlifting pioneer becoming the sports first super heavyweight world champion in 1971. He could bench 570 lbs. with a two second pause and squat 800 lbs. below parallel without a suit. As a pioneer, there was no template and very little information, if any, to follow. He was a true strength strategist and ironically, many of these strategies are still used today. Listen in while we discuss this unique powerhouse, Hugh Cassidy. https://www.ironcompany.com


 2021-10-04  1h21m