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Sharing tips and strategies on how to look better naked and perform at your best with Todd Vande Hei, Amir Mofidi, Dr. Alice Nguyen, and Tyler Mounce.

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Episode #7: Brain Foods and Cooking With Good Fats

In Episode #7 of the Stark Naked Radio Podcast, Brad Davidson and Todd Vande Hei delve into sleep issues and liver function.  They also pick apart a WebMD ar


 2013-02-19  58m

Inflammation, Testosterone, and the Female Pot Belly Welcome to Stark Naked Radio, episode #6.  We'll be discussing the effects of inflammation on your health and fitness, testosterone


 2013-02-02  44m

#5 Sleep Issues, Stress and Sex Drive, and Female Fat Loss

In episode #5 of Stark Naked Radio by Brad Davidson and Todd Vande Hei, they discuss adrenal health and tie it into training protocols.  In addition, Brad desc


 2013-01-22  46m

#4: Cholesterol, Fat Loss, Holiday Recovery, Cold & Flu

In this podcast we'll discuss a recent episode on the Dr. Oz show debunking the myth of cholesterol and heart disease!  We'll also discuss the connection of li


 2013-01-02  39m

Episode #3 Getting Jacked, The New Year, Enhancing the Brain

Brad and Tood explore getting jacked, Stalling until the New year, and tips to enhance the brain.


 2012-12-14  52m

Episode #2 Alcohol, Gluten, and Fish Oil

We answer your questions....  How bad is alcohol for me and why? I've heard a lot about gluten but honestly have no idea what it is, Good Fats vs Bad Fats...  W


 2012-11-28  1h2m

Episode # 1 Fat legs, Belly Fat, Low Carbs and Sleep Issues

Beating fat legs and hips. Help I have low testosterone levels and a fat gut, The association of high blood pressure, stress and sleep issues.


 2012-11-21  58m