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GeekAgenda040: TGA Primer, Part Deux

In which Thom & Andru celebrate Boxing Day with a present comprised of conversations passed. Included in this best-of episode are interviews with Kielen King, Michele Ivey, Robbie Rist, and Brian Peck. Thanks for listening, we'll be back with...


 2011-12-27  53m

GeekAgenda039: The Target Audience

In which Thom & Andru battle capricious cinema catalogs, flummoxing font-snobbery, mis-aimed marketing decisions, and rebellious radio gear in their attempt to sum up the best and worst of 2011's genre entertainment. Also, the new Mission...


 2011-12-20  59m

GeekAgenda038: Jim Phelps Is Not A Traitor!

In which Thom & Andru chew over new releases and old obsessions, and twist themselves into merit badge-worthy knots trying to segue between them. The socialization of video gaming, the proud tradition of alternate universes, the sweet spot between...


 2011-12-13  57m

GeekAgenda037: True Scotsman Territory

In which Thom & Andru bob and weave, joust and parry, and barrel with reckless abandon through a rambling conversation concerning all manner of pop-cultureminutia with guests Julie Kroll and Shaked Berenson. On tap: the monkey interlopers of Angry...


 2011-12-06  1h0m

GeekAgenda036: The Lightsaber Cuts Both Ways

In which Thom & Andru analyze the filters through which we perceive art and entertainment, concluding that being dated doesn’t make something bad, being novel doesn’t make something good, not everything that’s slow is a burn, and...


 2011-11-29  57m

GeekAgenda035: Workshopping The Apocalypse

In which Thom & Andru invite Robbie Rist and Chris Jackson from The Spoon back for this week’s Walking Dead recap, which is then nearly left out of the show amid a flood of shipper snark, box office jousting, animation academia, and pitches...


 2011-11-22  57m

GeekAgenda034: Swiss Army Nerds

In which Andru returns to the show in feisty form after atwo-week hiatus at the American Film Market, Thom offers mea culpas to his Stygian compadres and hosannas to the genius of Weird Al, andspecial guest Emma Jacobs, though no slouch in the nerd...


 2011-11-15  58m

GeekAgenda033: Blinking And Beeping And Flashing

In which Thom & Ingrid Oliansky brave the dangers of rebellious furniture, treacherous fruit, and several TV shows which teeter on the knife-edge between ending too soon and overstaying their welcome (semi-spoilers for the end of LOST, if you're...


 2011-11-08  59m

GeekAgenda032: A Cheese Grater Against Your Soul

In which Thom struggles vainly to prevent the proceedings from mutating into an ad hoc episode of The Spoon, with Robbie Rist and Chris Jackson sitting in and NDR's dark whimsical overlord Johnny Dam making his debut on the show. Appropriate to...


 2011-11-01  1h0m

GeekAgenda031: Bringing Axe Beaks Back

In which Thom & Andru get excited about Joss Whedon's new Shakespeare project and the possibilities of the coming micro-studio age, while special correspondent Dayle Dermatis reports from the Nathan Fillion book signing at Golden Apple Comics....


 2011-10-25  56m