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episode 126: TLS is here to stay. [Research Saturday]

As websites and apps more widely adopt TLS (Transport Layer Security) and communicate over HTTPS connections, unencrypted traffic may draw even more attention, since it’s easier for analysts and security tools to identify malicious communication...


 2020-03-14  19m

episode 127: The security implications of cloud infrastructure in IoT. [Research Saturday]

Cloud computing is now at the center of nearly every business strategy. But, as with the rapid adoption of any new technology, growing pains persist. The key findings in these reports shed light on security missteps that are actually in practice by...


 2020-03-21  31m

episode 128: Hidden dangers inside Windows and LINUX computers. [Research Saturday]

Eclypsium has issued a study that suggests the prevalence of “unsigned firmware in WiFi adapters, USB hubs, trackpads, and cameras used in computers from Lenovo, Dell, HP and other major manufacturers.” Here to discuss their findings is Rick...


 2020-03-28  24m

episode 129: A rough year ahead for ransomware attacks - and how to stop them. [Research Saturday]

2020 is shaping up to be a rough year. Ransomware attacks will continue to grow as cybercriminals get more sophisticated in their methods and expand their reach. Allan Liska, Senior Analyst at Recorded Future, shares their findings and predictions in...


 2020-04-04  15m

episode 130: Profiling an audacious Nigerian cybercriminal. [Research Saturday]

By day, he is Dton, an upstanding Nigerian citizen. He believes in professionalism, hard work and excellence. He’s a leader, a content creator, an entrepreneur and an innovator; an accomplished business administrator; a renaissance man who is adored...


 2020-04-11  24m

episode 131: How low can they go? A spike in Coronavirus phishing. [Research Saturday]

As much of the world grapples with the new coronavirus, COVID-19, and how to handle it, attackers are taking advantage of the widespread discussion of COVID-19 in emails and across the web. Joining us today is Fleming Shi, CTO of Barracuda discussing...


 2020-04-18  18m

episode 132: Contact tracing as COVID-19 aid. [Research Saturday]

Successful containment of the Coronavirus pandemic rests on the ability to quickly and reliably identify those who have been in close proximity to a contagious individual. Mayank Varia from Boston University describes how his team suggests an approach...


 2020-04-25  35m

episode 133: Fingerprint authentication is not completely secure. [Research Saturday]

Passwords are the traditional authentication methods for computers and networks. But passwords can be stolen. Biometric authentication seems the perfect solution for that problem. Our guest today is Craig Williams, director of Talos outreach at Cisco....


 2020-05-02  22m

episode 134: The U.S. campaign trail is actually quite secure. [Research Saturday]

Multiple media reports have indicated that the United States’ (U.S.) 2020 general election could be targeted by foreign and domestic actors after the successful cyber and misinformation attacks during the 2016 general election. The responsibility of...


 2020-05-09  22m

episode 135: Gangnam Industrial Style APT campaign targets South Korea. [Research Saturday]

Section 52, CyberX’s threat intelligence team, has uncovered an ongoing industrial cyberespionage campaign targeting hundreds of manufacturing and other industrial firms primarily located in South Korea. CyberX has identified more than 200...


 2020-05-16  21m