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episode 4: Get your foot in the door and prove your worth. [Career Notes]

Vice President of Marketing, Kathleen Booth, takes us from dreams of acting to cybersecurity marketing.


 2020-06-28  6m

 2021-06-27  35m

episode 5: The CyberWire 12.29.15

South Asian Islamists announce anti-Indian cyber attack cell. ISIS aspirational cyber offensive capabilities. Flash gets patched. New payment fraud patterns emerging. And Chinese and US cyber laws are reviewed.


 2015-12-29  13m

episode 5: Quantifying Cyber Risk [Special Edition]

Quantifying Cyber Risk


 2016-07-19  30m

episode 5: Synthesized DNA Malware with Peter Ney. [Research Saturday]

Synthesized DNA Malware with Peter Ney


 2017-10-14  24m

episode 6: The CyberWire 12.30.15

A look at the ISIS online community. Possibilities and limitations of social media as sources of intelligence. Microsoft addresses Flash Player issues in IE and Edge. National cyber laws and policies considered. And industry analysts forecast a very big 2


 2015-12-30  11m

episode 6: Black Hat - Cyber Security Trends and Investment [Special Edition]

Black Hat - Cyber Security Trends and Investment


 2016-08-04  28m

episode 6: WireX BotNet with Justin Paine from Cloudflare. [Research Saturday]

WireX BotNet with Justin Paine from Cloudflare


 2017-10-21  27m

episode 6: Cybersecurity First Principles.

This week's CSO Perspectives is the first in a series of shows about cybersecurity strategy...


 2020-05-11  18m

episode 6: Turn challenges into opportunities. [Career Notes]

Cybersecurity and disinformation researcher Bilyana Lilly on her career path to affecting greater understanding.


 2020-07-12  6m