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An advert free, fortnightly digital marketing podcast with listeners in over 120 countries worldwide, The Digital Marketing Podcast combines interviews with global experts, together with the latest news, tools, strategies and techniques to give your digital marketing the edge. Perfect for your daily commute, the podcast aims to be both entertaining and informative. Produced by Target Internet and hosted by Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Expert, Ciaran Rogers and Award Winning Author and Speaker, Daniel Rowles. Find out more at



      episode 190: 2018 YouTube SEO Guide for Brand Marketers

      We explore what makes for an effective YouTube video, how to make good use of video tags, and how to leverage on trending topics. We also explore which metrics matter to YouTube algorithm. Packed full of examples and guidance on how to be more effective with your video channels, you won't want to miss this episode. Listen in if you would like to discover how to make more from your investment in video content.



      episode 189: The Joys of WordPress

      Daniel and Ciaran take a fresh look at WordPress warts and all. We discuss keeping WordPress updated, Wordpress security, Cheap shared WordPress hosting, plugin bloat, documenting customisations. We also look at premium hosting. We also discuss WordPress themes both free and paid as well as customised themes. If you are just starting out, each of these theme approaches has its advantages and are worth understanding.



      episode 188: The Death of Content Marketing

      Are you focussing enough on promoting the content you are producing or are you in a rush to burn through as much material as you can to get through that week or month? We explore some alternatives that will enable you to make more of the content you are producing. In a the busier and noisier content marketing space this will be key to your content cutting through to the right people.



      episode 187: Strategic Positioning And Brand Purpose

      Daniel walks us through strategic positioning an brand purpose, breaking down what it actually means with some simple, practical guidance and examples of various brands who have set about achieving clarity on their positioning by putting a very clear and believable purpose behind all their activities.


       2018-06-11  12m

      episode 186: What is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

      Making use of Facebook Messenger and automating a number of one to one conversations using messenger bot services like ManyChat can be a great way to introduce new customers to your product offerings. Listen in and find out how to harness the power of Facebook Messenger for your marketing.


       2018-05-28  21m

      episode 186: Influencer Marketing

      Daniel and Ciaran discuss influencer marketing, warts and all. Ciaran shares why he finds influencers such hard work and in many cases such a poor ROI on the effort that goes into recruiting them. A far more genuine way to get the most out of what is traditionally termed 'Influencer marketing' You get to give genuine fans of your brand a unique experience that they can share. We also share the sad news that Klout is shutting the doors on its social scoring platform and discuss a few great...


       2018-05-19  15m

      episode 185: How To Start Building Effective Adwords Campaigns

      Ciaran and Daniel walk us through how to go about planning and building an effective Adwords campaign using a process that is quick to do and gets excellent results. With a little bit of basic knowledge you can be getting targeted traffic to your website for a fraction of the cost your competitors may well be paying.


       2018-05-08  23m

      episode 184: Social Media Process And Planning

      Social Media can be massively time-consuming. Unless you have a robust process behind its management things can slip. In this episode, Daniel shares with us an effective way to approach social media to maximise the impact while minimising the amount of time you need to spend processing your social day to day tasks. Ciaran also has some practical tips on how to implement URL Google UTM code tracking in Google Analytics.


       2018-04-24  17m

      episode 183: 10 Myths of E-commerce- Part II

      In part 2 of this interview, Jon Woodall, founder of Space48 and I  continue our discussion on 10 e-commerce myths. We explore the widely held belief that every e-commerce business can become an overnight success. We also discuss some common mobile website conversion myths and explore the strategy of shooting from the hip and not needing a plan. We also discuss how to identify if you are the problem your business is facing.


       2018-04-17  14m

      episode 182: 10 Myths of E-commerce

      Ciaran speaks to Jon Woodall, founder of Space 48, an award-winning eCommerce consultancy & Magento Solutions partner for forward-thinking retailers. If you have ever worked within the e-commerce space, we think you will find these myths both entertaining and just possibly a little close to what is often mistakenly taken as gospel truth in some marketing circles. 


       2018-04-16  28m