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An advert free, fortnightly digital marketing podcast with listeners in over 120 countries worldwide, The Digital Marketing Podcast combines interviews with global experts, together with the latest news, tools, strategies and techniques to give your digital marketing the edge. Perfect for your daily commute, the podcast aims to be both entertaining and informative. Produced by Target Internet and hosted by Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Expert, Ciaran Rogers and Award Winning Author and Speaker, Daniel Rowles. Find out more at



      episode 183: 10 Myths of E-commerce- Part II

      In part 2 of this interview, Jon Woodall, founder of Space48 and I  continue our discussion on 10 e-commerce myths. We explore the widely held belief that every e-commerce business can become an overnight success. We also discuss some common mobile website conversion myths and explore the strategy of shooting from the hip and not needing a plan. We also discuss how to identify if you are the problem your business is facing.



      episode 182: 10 Myths of E-commerce

      Ciaran speaks to Jon Woodall, founder of Space 48, an award-winning eCommerce consultancy & Magento Solutions partner for forward-thinking retailers. If you have ever worked within the e-commerce space, we think you will find these myths both entertaining and just possibly a little close to what is often mistakenly taken as gospel truth in some marketing circles. 



      episode 181: Digital Darwinism- An interview with Author Tom Goodwin

      Ciaran talks to Tom Goodwin, the Executive Vice President and Head of Innovation at Zenith Media USA about his new book Digital Darwinism which launched this month. We explore Self-disruption and what it might offer leading businesses prepared to take the risk to stay at the cutting edge of their industries, and also explore why senior leaders interests and the interests of the business may not be as aligned as many people think.



      episode 180: Creating Engaging Digital Advertising in 2018

      Ciaran speaks to Richard Jones, the CEO of Wayin, a platform that sets out to help marketers to easily configure engaging digital experiences that can be published to owned, earned and paid channels. We discuss why Richard started Wayin and explore some of the challenges marketers face when trying to connect with consumers in the fragmented digital landscape of 2018.



      episode 179: #NotesToStrangers - An interview with Street Artist, Andy Leek

      Through his spontaneous street art, artist Andy Leek has grown a loyal following of over 70,000 followers on Instagram who document and photograph his work when they find it posted randomly around the capital. ( Since we recorded this episode his following has leapt by 4000 followers!) Earlier this month, Ciaran met up and spoke with #notestostrangers Street Artist Andy Leek and spoke to him about his work as an artist and how the whole project which has now become a full-time job came...



      episode 178: 5 Google Analytics Reports You Should Probably Ignore

       In this episode, we explore some of the commonly misunderstood Google Analytics reports and metrics and how to avoid misinterpreting them. When you are using Analytical data to tell a story, there is a real danger you will come to the wrong conclusions and tell a story that isn't really happening.


       2018-03-13  22m

      episode 177: A Single Customer View And How To Achieve it

      Daniel and Ciaran explore the single customer view. What is it, how does it potentially work, and what benefits can it bring to your customer and your business in a progressively noisier and noisier marketplace. Sounds great right? But creating a single customer view is one of the most challenging IT headaches any organisation can face. In this episode, we explore some of the barriers to achieving this marketing utopia and give help and advice on steps you can take to move closer to it.


       2018-03-05  17m

      episode 176: User Journey Mapping

      Daniel talks us through the process of User Journey Mapping, a simple method to get us all thinking very hard about what content we need and where to place it within your content marketing strategy. We talk through building effective persona’s and how to go about making use of those personas to aid building a compelling user journey into your digital strategy.


       2018-02-26  15m

      episode 175: How to Build Online Communities

      We speak with Arjun Jolly, COO and co-founder of adQuadrant, about how to go about building effective communities online.  We explore how communities form, and how marketers can go about building effective communities. How do you get started from scratch? What techniques can you use to drive rapid growth? What platforms offer the best user experience? Where do companies often go wrong with community building? 


       2018-02-19  30m

      episode 174: Effective Email Marketing

      Ciaran talks to Philip Storey from Enchant Agency about email marketing and what marketers can do to further supercharge what is traditionally the most productive of the online communication channels. We explore how email and CRM can be fully used at all the stages of the customer buying cycle. So many marketers miss valuable opportunities post-conversion. Discover some of the lost opportunities post-conversion that your email programme may be lacking.


       2018-02-12  24m