The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

The Modern Bar Cart Podcast is a weekly discussion of the tools and techniques that make great drinks. Hosted by Modern Bar Cart CEO Eric Kozlik, this cocktail podcast gives great information for home bartenders and industry professionals alike. If you’re looking to take your cocktail game to the next level, this is the podcast for you.

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episode 190: Hawaiian Agricole Rum with Kyle Reutner

In this eye-opening conversation and rum tasting with Kō Hana Rum General Manager Kyle Reutner, some of the topics we discuss include:   How Kō Hana Rum started as a passion project dedicated to Hawaiian heirloom cane varietals, spreading from...


 2021-05-13  1h24m

episode 189: The Bloody Mary Ritual (Breaking Bloody - Part 5)

Eric is joined by co-producer and travel correspondent, Adam Bauer to discuss the many signature Bloody Mary cocktails served at St. Regis Hotels all around the world. The drinks featured include: The 7452 Mary (St. Regis, Deer Park) The Downhill...


 2021-05-06  44m

episode 188: Reviving Ancient Stills with Dr. Eric Stroud

In this stimulating still dialogue with Dr. Eric Stroud of Mohawk Spirits Distillery, some of the topics we discuss include: The differences between traditional and vacuum distillation - that is, distillation that takes place in the presence of high...


 2021-04-29  1h4m

episode 187: Whisky Philosophy with Billy Abbott

Some of the topics we cover in this wide-ranging conversation with spirits writer, educator, and judge Billy Abbott include: How Billy took the leap from a career in computing and database management to pursue his passion for whisky, and what the...


 2021-04-22  1h20m

episode 186: The Art and Science of Cutting Back

Eric walks through his method for cutting back on drinking using a simple tool he calls a "daily accountability journal." This method stands in stark contrast to "booze cleanse" months like "Sober October" and "Dry January." Along the way, he...


 2021-04-15  32m

episode 185: The Mint Julep: From Persia with Love

In this Bar Cart Foundations episode, we trace the history of the mint julep and describe some important points regarding its craft. We begin by trying to define what a julep is, where it comes from, and where mint enters into the equation. Next, we...


 2021-04-08  36m

episode 184: Is Bourbon Broken?

In this barrel-aged deep dive with spirits writer Brent Joseph, some of the topics we discuss include: How Brent came to love Bourbon and used his passion to propel himself into a senior contributor role at Bourbon & Banter. The recent retail...


 2021-04-01  1h19m

episode 183: Love and Bitters with Sother Teague

Sother Teague is the barman behind the hit NYC bar, Amor y Amargo (Trans: "Love and Bitters"). He is also the authors of the books,  and . Some of the topics covered in this wide-ranging conversation with Sother Teague include: The...


 2021-03-25  1h16m

episode 182: Coole Swan Irish Cream Liqueur with Mary Sadlier

In this passionate conversation with spirits entrepreneur Mary Sadlier, creator of , some of the topics we discuss include: -How Mary spun a career in accounting and finance into a crusade with her dairy farmer husband to revolutionize the Irish Cream...


 2021-03-17  1h1m

episode 181: Negroni with David T. Smith & Keli Rivers

In this bitter and botanical deep dive with Keli Rivers and David T. Smith, we preview their new book, , and discuss the ins and outs of this classic equal-parts cocktail. Some of the topics we discuss include: The various origin stories of the...


 2021-03-11  59m