The West Wing Thing

Each week hosts Dave Anthony and Josh Olson watch and then discuss an episode of The West Wing. And when you're done, join us on our new podcast, The Audit on The Lever

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episode 1: Come listen to The Audit

The West Wing Thing is finished! Come check out our new thing, The Audit!


 October 18, 2022  0m

episode 1: Special Appendix Episode - What's the deal with Louise Mensch? w/Special Guest Arthur Tiersky

Enough people asked us for the whole story, so here it is - Josh & Dave's full history with Vladimir Putin's most fearsome foe. 


 September 22, 2022  1h3m

episode 25: THE GRAND FINALE w/Very Special Guest Briahna Joy Gray

We did it. We finished it, and we're not dead.   


 August 31, 2022  2h44m

episode 24: It's finally here!

The one you've been waiting for! Will it live up to your expectations? 


 August 29, 2022  3m

episode 23: Institutional Memory w/Special Guests Nima Shirazi & Adam Johnson from Citations Needed

With only one episode left to go, the boys are joined by the hosts of one of the very great Citations Needed to enjoy the cast's bout with senior-itis. Will CJ stay on at the White House or go on to make a fortune helping a billionaire whitewash his...


 August 23, 2022  1h41m

episode 22: Oops

Uh oh


 August 22, 2022  0m

episode 21: The Last Hurrah w/Special Guests Pete D'Alesandro & David Sirota

Pete & Dave team up to join Josh & Dave as they marvel at one of the most West Wingy moments in the history of The West Wing. Plus - Is there life after Wang? All is revealed!


 August 17, 2022  1h40m

episode 20: A Very Special Thing w/Very Special Wil Anderson

They did it. Those crazy bastards. They went and did it.  One time and one time only... The Newsroom    


 August 15, 2022  1h59m

episode 19: Transition w/Special Guest Wil Anderson

Wil Anderson comes back to wish us well, only to discover America has rendered all of his jokes moot.


 August 8, 2022  1h55m

episode 18: Requiem w/Special Guests Vida & Trevor from Champagne Sharks

It's the beginning of the new Santos administration, and being a good Democrat, he's lining his administration with Republicans.  Our friends T&V make swing by to tell Josh & Dave how much they'll miss them, and we force them to stay and...


 August 1, 2022  2h40m