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Guerrilla History is the podcast that acts as a reconnaissance report of global history for the activist left, and aims to use the lessons of history to analyze the present. Your hosts are immunobiologist Henry Hakamaki, Professor Adnan Husain, historian and Director of the School of Religion at Queens University, and Revolutionary Left Radio's Breht O'Shea. We hope that the discussion will be useful to you, and if you have any questions or guest/topic suggestions, email them to us at Follow us on social media!  Our podcast can be found on twitter at, and can be supported on patreon at  Your contributions will make the show possible to continue and succeed! To follow the hosts, Henry can be found on twitter at, and also has a patreon to help support himself through the pandemic where he breaks down science and public health research and news at  Adnan can be followed on twitter at, and also runs The Majlis Podcast, which can be found at https://anchor...

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episode 32: Why Political Education & Historical Knowledge is KEY for Activism/Organizing - Panel Part 1

In this Intelligence Briefing, we continue the conversation with our panel from last week by doing listener Q&As.  Be sure to stay tuned for future Spaces, if you have questions you'd like to ask them, and sign up for our to help keep the...



episode 31: Why Political Education & Historical Knowledge is KEY for Activism/Organizing - Panel Part 1

For this Intelligence Briefing, we gathered a panel of great activists and organizers for a discussion on why political education is crucial to building our movements.  This is part one of the conversation, the panel discussion.  Part two,...



episode 30: Sanctions & Nation-Breaking Yugoslavia w/ Gregory Elich - Sanctions As War

This episode of Guerrilla History is a continuation of our Sanctions As War miniseries (check out the intro episode if you've not already!), and is our first case study of the series.  In this episode, we hear the simultaneously heartbreaking and...



episode 29: Multipolarity w/ Ben Norton

In this incredibly fun episode, we talk with Ben Norton about multipolarity, from both theoretical and real-world analytical lenses.  Who better to discuss the topic of multipolarity with us than Mr. himself? The conversation itself was...



episode 28: The Fred Hampton Assassination & Judas and the Black Messiah - From the Archives

Guerrilla History "From the Archives" is a series of episodes, consisting of previously patreon-exclusive episodes that we are unlocking for the general public after one year.  This From the Archives episode was originally released on Patreon on...


 2022-09-02  1h3m

episode 27: Booker Omole of the Communist Party of Kenya - History and Class Analysis of Kenyan Elections

In this tremendous conversation, we talk with Comrade Booker Omole of the Communist Party of Kenya for the history and class analysis of the recent elections in Kenya.  An absolutely fascinating and enlightening discussion, we could not hope for...


 2022-08-26  1h22m

episode 26: The Fragility of US Power w/ Noam Chomsky & Vijay Prashad

In this tremendous episode, we talk with Professor Noam Chomsky and Vijay Prashad about the topics in their brand new book .  An absolutely wonderful conversation with two great guests!  The book will be released in 10 days, so be sure to...


 2022-08-19  1h57m

episode 25: Sanctions As War w/ Immanuel Ness & Stuart Davis

This episode of Guerrilla History is the introduction to a mini-series we are running for the next couple of months.  The topic is Sanctions As War, based off of the book of the same name edited by Professors Immanuel Ness and Stuart Davis. ...


 2022-08-12  1h31m

Announcements and Recommendations - August 2022

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 2022-08-05  11m

episode 24: The Economics of Imperialism and Inflation w/ Richard Wolff

In this useful episode, we talk with Professor Richard Wolff about the economics of both imperialism and inflation - two major issues facing nearly everyone today, but that we often don't look at the economic drivers or mechanisms of.  An...


 2022-07-29  1h36m