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episode 322: Ep 207 - Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and Firefighters

The whole gang's back together for the first time in a month! This week, we saw faculty at both NYU and UNC-Chapel Hill, among other schools, launch grading strikes to demand amnesty for protestors brutally arrested during encampment sweeps. Also thi...



episode 321: OT Ep 70 Preview: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Pt 4

If you're not a patron you can get the full episode by visiting and support us with $5 a month. Following the Bread and Roses strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts in 1912, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn became a national name in labor. ...



episode 320: Ep 206 - No Time Like Today

We continue our host shuffle this week as Dan is back, but John is away. We do run through a bunch of headlines but our focus this week is on a few stories. The biggest story in the country, the fight by college students against the genocide waged by...



episode 319: Ep 205 - Resistance University

After a few headlines touching on a vetoed farm worker bill in Maine, Amazon organizing in Canada, a life changing win by GM sanitation workers, and UFCW rank and file action updates, we begin this week with a massive protest in Argentina to defend t...



episode 318: OT Ep 70 Preview: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Pt 3

If you're not a patron you can get the full episode by visiting and support us with $5 a month. The strike by textile mill workers in Lawrence, Massachusetts in January of 1912 was one of the biggest labor struggles of the er...



episode 317: Ep 204 - The First of Many

This week we are very lucky to be joined by Mel Buer, Staff Reporter for The Real News Network while Dan is away. We begin by talking about WGA workers at Sesame Street who won a TA after threatening to strike, making a conversation with children abo...



episode 316: Unlocked Interview: The Modern IWW

We talk about a lot of labor history on our show, and one of the organizations we've come back to again and again is the Industrial Workers of the World. We've talked about the epic struggles in the early 20th century, but where is the IWW today, a c...


 April 18, 2024  51m

episode 315: Ep 203 - North of the Border

We've got another episode jam packed full of new labor stories this week. After a run through the headlines, we've got big news from Canada, as workers at two Amazon warehouses in British Columbia have filed for a union election. Trader Joe's workers...


 April 16, 2024  1h30m

episode 314: OT Ep 69 PREVIEW: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Pt 2

If you're not a patron you can get the full episode by visiting and support us with $5 a month. Elizabeth Gurley Flynn was already an organizer before she even left High School. Traveling the industrial cities of the northeas...


 April 11, 2024  18m

episode 313: Ep 202 - Our Invincible Solidarity

We start our labor news updates this week with a big one from the UAW as 5000 workers at Mercedes Benz in Alabama have filed for a union election. Next we've got an update on Amazon, where illegal union busting continues at sites across the country. ...


 April 9, 2024  1h31m