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Dan Boeckner and Riley Quinn pouring a little bit of maple poison into your brain weekly, here and on Patreon.

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episode 128: Canada Has Still Not Solved Its Nazi Statue Problem

Apologies for the late episode - both Dan and Riley have been on tour, but we've got this one for you (recorded a while back). Contained herein: ideas for new recipes, Nazi statue watch, and the Tory leader "uniting the country" with a very thin gru...


 2022-11-27  53m

episode 127: 2022: Year of the Friend ft. Chuka Ejeckam

Chuka Ejeckam joins Dan and Riley to discuss "The Freeland Doctrine," friendshoring, and the mysterious professor of mealtimes.


 2022-11-03  54m

episode 126: PREVIEW: Birth of a Province

Will "Movie Mindset" Menaker joins Dan and Riley to discuss the 1964 Cansploitation B-movie classic, "The Naked Flame." Get the full episode on 


 2022-10-28  5m

episode 125: The Hated Pudface ft. Podcast About List

The PAL boys join Dan and Riley to watch another episode of Canada's favourite show... Robocop, the Robot Cop!


 2022-10-23  50m

episode 124: PREVIEW: Legault Land

Dan and Riley discuss, inter alia, the new Quebec premier, the inability of the centrist party to fight the lurch to the right, and the British firm cutting down old growth forests named after a Bond villain. Get the full episode on Patreon! www.patreon....


 2022-10-10  5m

episode 123: Mr. Poilievre’s Wild Ride

Dan and Riley remember Canadian politics keeps happening. Queen's Dead, Pierre's in Charge, and our allies abroad are as cool headed as ever. We have a Patreon! It's 


 2022-10-04  52m

episode 122: PREVIEW: Rock Talk: Indie in the 90s ft. Nate Bethea

Riley and Dan were in the Trashfuture studios last week, and we spoke to certified indie superfan and sometime producer Nate Bethea about synthesisers, what it means to like music others find offputting, and (according to Riley) definitely making up at l...


 2022-09-19  5m

episode 121: Are You Crazy Enough To Be PM?

Well, the mad lad did it: Canada's oldest young conservative Pierre Poilievre is head of the Conservative Party. We talk about what makes him a particular threat to Canada's comfortable governing consensus, which is essentially that he has matched the en...


 2022-09-14  58m

episode 120: PREVIEW: The Donald Duck Tavern Quadrangle

Dan and Riley are recording together in Montreal for the first time (temporally) and the second time (as far as you know). We discuss the emerging scene around the happening "Donald Duck Tavern Quadrilateral," and how all of Montreal's coolest peopl...


 2022-08-31  11m

episode 119: Austerity Barrage ft. Peter Korotaev

Note: this one is mentioned as the premium but we decided to make it a free one! Peter Korotaev (known by an alias on previous episodes, while he was in Kyiv) rejoins us to talk about the strange war economy that Ukraine has found itself with. Heavily in...


 2022-08-20  58m