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Q&A 416: How To Reverse Gray Hair (& Other Beauty Biohacks), The Adrenal Fatigue Myth, The Shocking Beer Exercise Results & Much More!     News Flashes –  for more…5:00           [5:40] Those who want to lose weight but don’t want to give up their beer will find this study quite compelling: alcohol...



Why Your Pursuit Of A Better Body & The Perfect Diet Is Never Going To Make You Happy, How Christians Should Make Food Choices, The Ultimate Source Of Joy & Much More With Doug Wilson.

"You can sin with food in many ways -- by not sharing it, by eating way too much of it, by throwing it across the restaurant table... But you do not sin with food by bowing your head over it, saying grace with true gratitude in your heart, and tucking...



Carnivore Diet Myths Debunked, Hard Questions About Meat Vs. Plants, Are Broccoli Sprouts Really Bad For You & Much More With Dr. Paul Saladino.       I recently got my hands on Dr. Paul Saladino's new book "".  Now, if you don't know who Paul is, then you must listen to my previous episodes with him, including: Since I've...



Biohacking Your Brain With Precision Medicine, Genomics, Psychedelics, Advanced Nutritional Strategies & Much More!     Dr. Matt Dawson and Dr. Mike Mallin are the head honcho docs at , with locations in Versailles, KY and Bend, OR. I first interviewed these guys in the episode " then again in "", and in...



Potent Breathwork Tactics From A Navy SEAL Commander, Staring Down Your Wolf, Operating Calmly Under Stress & More With Mark Divine.

What does it take to command a team of elite individuals? It requires a commitment to seven key principles: Courage, Trust, Respect, Growth, Excellence, Resiliency, and Alignment. All of these are present in an elite team which commits to them deeply...



The Latest Research On Ketones & Ketosis For Performance & Recovery, Do Ketones Break A Fast, Using Ketones For 45 Days Of Crossfit Murph, Ketone Esters vs. Ketone Salts & More With Geoffrey Woo of HVMN.

It's time for a serious geek out on all things ketones, ketosis, ketone esters and more!         My guest on today's show, Geoffrey Woo, is co-founder and CEO of . He is also the host of the Health Via Modern Nutrition Podcast, a...



Q&A 415: What Is Ben Greenfield's Current Daily Routine? 13 New Body Hacks, What To Do About Caffeine Sensitivities & Alternatives To Coffee & Much More. News Flashes…3:40 -13 Body Hacks, Evaluated: What Science Says About Shortcuts To Health And Wellness           -Flies aren’t little people I know… But it’s interesting that in sleep...



Why Viruses Are Crucial To Life On This Planet, The Link Between Air Pollution, Glyphosate & Pandemics, Loss Of Biodiversity (& What We Can Do About It) & More With Dr. Zach Bush. Zach Bush, MD is a physician specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care.         He is an internationally recognized educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it...



Joel Greene Podcast Part 2: How To Reshape Fat Cells, Enhance Repair During Sleep, Target Your "Circaseptan Rhythms", Build Young Muscle & Get Rid Of Old Muscle.  It's time for Part 2 of my monster podcast with Joel Greene. If you missed part 1 - in which we discuss rebooting your gut and sparking fat loss using some very unique biohacks and strategies - you can click...



Joel Greene Podcast Part 1: How To Reboot The Gut, Eat Cheesecake Without Gaining Weight, Amplify Any Fasting Protocol & Maximize Fat Loss.     My guest on today's podcast, Joel Greene, had his 10,000 hours already in before I was even born.       In the 1970’s he was interval training.         In 1979 he...


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