Cultured Meat and Future Food Podcast

Cultured Meat and Future Food is a short-form podcast series discussing the role of plant based food, cultivated meat and food technology. The show is focused on asking industry leaders questions for an audience with a non-scientific background. Cultured Meat and Future Food is targeted towards entrepreneurs interested in the food technology space. Support this podcast:

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episode 1: Is cultured meat vegan? – Kenny Torrella – Mercy For Animals

Kenny Torrella serves as Mercy For Animals’ director of communications. Alex Shirazi and Kenny Torella discuss the role of future food technologies, how it relates to animal welfare, and a world without animal traditional agriculture practices. He works with MFA’s team of writers and editors and has garnered media coverage for farmed animals in mainstream … Continue reading "Is cultured meat vegan? – Kenny Torrella – Mercy For Animals" --- Support this podcast: https://anchor...


 2019-02-05  31m

episode 8: Tom Ben Arye – Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Tom is an Israeli Ph.D candidate developing clean meat in the Levenberg lab of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. He finished his B.Sc in molecular biochemistry in the Technion with great honors and his M.Sc in the Levenberg lab. During his Ph.D, he initiated a clean meat project from which the start up … Continue reading "Tom Ben Arye – Technion – Israel Institute of Technology" --- Support this podcast:


 2019-01-06  26m

episode 7: Sara M. Oliveira of INL

Sara Oliveira is a biomedical engineer specialized in tissue engineering. Two years after her PhD, she decided to dive in to a new adventure. Sara holds a PhD in Bioengineering Systems from the MIT Portugal Program at the University of Minho and she has strong background in tissue engineering and biomaterials, such as multiscale scaffolds … Continue reading "Sara M. Oliveira of INL" --- Support this podcast:


 2018-12-17  24m

episode 6: Keith Zakheim of Antenna Group

As chief executive officer, Keith Zakheim ensures Antenna lives and breathes the firm’s core values — strong ethics that instill trust and impart transparency; respectful, positive, collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships among client-partners, colleagues and those with whom we conduct business; continual education for the highest standards; empowering entrepreneurial passion and a commitment to public service … Continue reading "Keith Zakheim of Antenna Group" --- Support this...


 2018-11-27  26m

episode 5: Sandhya Sriram of Shiok Meats

Dr. Sandhya Sriram has extensive experience in the biotechnology space. We discuss her interest in business and the path that led to the cell-based meat startup, Shiok Meats. Learn how the Asia-Pacific region can greatly benefit from cell-based meat technologies and why it’s so important. The Cultured Meat Symposium is taking place on November 1st … Continue reading "Sandhya Sriram of Shiok Meats" --- Support this podcast:


 2018-10-25  22m

episode 4: Thomas King of Food Frontier

Thomas King discusses how he started out as an environmental advocate at an early age. This led his work to focus on alternatives to animal agriculture, the cause of many of the problems he was tackling. He founded Food Frontier to focus on ways to bring plant based and cell-based meats to the Asia Pacific. … Continue reading "Thomas King of Food Frontier" --- Support this podcast:


 2018-10-14  27m

episode 3: Ali Bouzari of Pilot R&D and Render Foods

In this episode, Alex Shirazi and Ali Bouzari talk about future food technologies and developing food that creates an experience. We chat about the potential of cell-based meat and whether we should dare to explore creations such as “designer meats”. The Cultured Meat Symposium is taking place in San Francisco on November 1st. Learn more … Continue reading "Ali Bouzari of Pilot R&D and Render Foods" --- Support this podcast:


 2018-10-10  25m

episode 2: Carrie Kuball of EnviroFlight

Carrie Kuball and Alex Shirazi chat about the future of food technology as it relates to insect proteins and animal feed. Carrie discusses the Black Soldier Fly and the benefits of sustainably farming insects as a protein source for animal feed. CMS18 is taking place on November 1st in San Francisco. Use code CMSPODCAST for … Continue reading "Carrie Kuball of EnviroFlight" --- Support this podcast:


 2018-10-07  19m

episode 1: David Benzaquen of Ocean Hugger Foods and PlantBased Solutions

Alex Shirazi and David Benzaquen talk about the increasing rise of popularity for plant based alternatives and food technology startups. David describes the market for new types of foods and how plant based products play a huge role in future food technology. Join us in San Francisco on November 1st at the Cultured Meat Symposium … Continue reading "David Benzaquen of Ocean Hugger Foods and PlantBased Solutions" --- Support this podcast:


 2018-09-30  23m

episode 8: Ahmed Khan of CellAgri – Clean Meat Founders Series

We wrap up the Clean Meat Founders Series with Ahmed Khan. Alex and Ahmed discuss the Cellular Agriculture industry, the products that are currently available, and what it takes to be a key player in the space. Ahmed Khan is the founder and editor of CellAgri. A news and media platform that aims to be … Continue reading "Ahmed Khan of CellAgri – Clean Meat Founders Series" --- Support this podcast:


 2018-09-19  26m