Cultured Meat and Future Food Podcast

Cultured Meat and Future Food is a short-form podcast series discussing the role of plant based food, clean meat, cultivated meat and food technology. The show is focused on asking industry leaders questions for an audience with a non-scientific background. Cultured Meat and Future Food is targeted towards entrepreneurs interested in the food technology space. Support this podcast:

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David Benzaquen of Ocean Hugger Foods and PlantBased Solutions

Alex Shirazi and David Benzaquen talk about the increasing rise of popularity for plant based alternatives and food technology startups. David describes the market for new types of foods and how plant based products play a huge role in future food tech...


 2018-09-30  24m

Ahmed Khan of CellAgri – Clean Meat Founders Series

We wrap up the Clean Meat Founders Series with Ahmed Khan. Alex and Ahmed discuss the Cellular Agriculture industry, the products that are currently available, and what it takes to be a key player in the space.


 2018-09-19  26m

Darren Henry of Seafuture Sustainable Biotech – Clean Meat Founders Series

Learn about the basics of aquaculture and how cell-based fish could change they way we consume seafood. Dr. Darren Henry discusses his company and describes his vision for the path of cell-based meat coming to market. Dr.


 2018-09-12  18m

Brian Spears of New Age Meats

Brian Spears and Alex Shirazi sit down at the IndieBio HQ in San Francisco to discuss New Age Meats. This episode was recorded live August 5, 2018. Brian Spears is the cofounder and CEO of New Age Meats. After graduating as a chemical engineer,


 2018-09-06  36m

Didier Toubia of Aleph Farms

I had the pleasure of speaking with Didier Toubia of Aleph Farms. We discussed the future of clean meat as it relates to antibiotics, coming to market, and the co-existing of animal farmers and cultured meat.


 2018-08-30  23m

Stephanie Wallis and Benjamina Bollag of HigherSteaks

Alex talks clean meat with Stephanie Wallis and Benjamina Bollag of HigherSteaks. Based in London, HigherSteaks is creating cultured meat starting with minced products and then moving on to more complex structures.


 2018-08-15  22m

Ron Shigeta of Wild Earth – Clean Meat Founders Series

Ron Shigeta PhD is a a co-founder of IndieBio, the world’s premiere accelerator for biotechnology. Ron helped establish a portfolio of 68 innovative consumer and startup biotech companies embraced by tech and industrial investors alike.


 2018-07-27  31m

Robert Yaman of Kiran – Clean Meat Founders Series

Robert Yaman is the Co founder of Kiran, a clean meat company based in San Francisco. Robert and I chat about the path to creating a clean meat company, the resources available in the industry for early stage founders,


 2018-07-20  33m

Peter Verstrate of Mosa Meat – Clean Meat Founders Series

Peter Verstrate is the CEO of Mosa Meat, the company known for producing the first Cultured Meat hamburger in 2013. Peter and I chat about the developments in the cellular agriculture industry, the startups in the space,


 2018-07-14  23m

Episode 08: Erin Kim

I chat with Erin Kim of New Harvest about a realistic approach to cultured meat. We discuss the early days of New Harvest, the transformation of the industry, and have some straight talk about what we are calling the future of meat.


 2018-07-07  39m