Everybody Loves Communism

A leftist history and theory podcast wherein Jamie Peck (The Antifada, The Majority Report), Aaron Thorpe (Trillbilly Workers Party) and Jorge Rocha (DSA) do the reading so you don't have to! Produced by Paul C (@[pchannelstrip](https://twitter.com/pchannelstrip)).


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PREVIEW - VAMPIRE CASTLE: The Invitation (2022)

Fangs out! Leslie and Jamie talk about The Invitation (2022), a recent vampire flick with some fun twists and social commentary.

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Camping For Communism w/ Jamie & Aaron

Jamie and Aaron report back on their experiences at the recent week of action to defend the Atlanta Forest a.k.a. Weelaunee People's Park. Cop City will never be built.

Note: In this episode, Jamie refers to Community Movement Builders as a black-led organization. It is, in fact, an all-black organization.

Donate to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund: atlsolidarity.org

Get involved:





Critical Tree-sistance w/ Atlanta Forest Defender

Jamie speaks with a forest defender named Sara about the battle to keep 300 acres of publicly owned forest land in Atlanta from being turned into a Hollywood sound stage and a mock city for the cops to practice killing people in.

Jamie and Aaron frame the interview with some discussion, with Aaron lending his expertise as an Atlanta resident.

Check out Jamie's Means Morning News segment (this is the full version of that interview): https://www.youtube...


 2023-02-22  1h42m

Adam Curtis's Soviet Collapse Trauma (1985-1999) w/ Alex Gendler

Friend of the show Alex Gendler (@achilleselbow) joins us to discuss Adam Curtis's latest BBC docu-series, "Russia 1985-1999: TraumaZone: What it felt like to live through the collapse of communism and democracy." Lacking the distinctive voiceovers and musical cues of Curtis's other films, this series relies solely on footage captured by BBC film crews as the Soviet Union collapsed and was swiftly replaced by a hyper-capitalist, authoritarian oligarchy...


 2023-02-01  1h35m

Ten Years of Exiting the Vampire Castle

In this theory episode, the crew discusses Mark Fisher's most infamous essay "Exiting the Vampire Castle". We consider the arguments presented in this essay, what merits it may or may not have, and what is its legacy in the ten years since it came out. There is a diversity of opinion of the essay in this episode, with much disagreement. Tune in to know more!

Exiting the Vampire Castle: https://www.opendemocracy...


 2023-01-23  1h48m

CULTURAL MARXISM: Emily the Criminal

Jamie and Aaron discuss "Emily the Criminal" (2022), the new movie starring and produced by Aubrey Plaza and directed by John Patton Ford. In this gritty, low budget thriller, a 30-something art school drop-out (Plaza) with $70,000 of student loan debt and a minor criminal record breaks bad after a sexy swindler (Theo Rossi) introduces her to the lucrative world of credit card fraud. Is this an anti-capitalist film, or merely a slice of reality? Either way, we like it...


 2023-01-13  1h20m

UNLOCKED: Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story w/ Jake Flores

This festive episode about a serial killer is now free. Happy holidays!

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Jake Flores (@feraljokes) of Pod Damn America (@PodDamnAmerica) joins Jamie to discuss the hit Netflix series "Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" (yes, that's the real title)...


 2022-12-28  1h30m

Cultural Marxism: Andor

Aaron and Jorge talk the new star war show Andor with Marvin González and Kumars Salehi. Marvin the President of the Campaign Workers Guild, founder and secretary of the Repatriotas non-profit, and is on the National Political Committee of DSA. Kumars is Visiting Assistant Professor at St. Lawrence University, has a PhD in German Literature and Culture from Berkely, and is co-host of the podcast Delete Your Account...


 2022-12-23  1h43m

The Struggle for Dignity on the Railroad w/ Max Alvarez & Mel Buer (part 2)

Max Alvarez (@maximillian_alv) and Mel Buer (@mel_buer) of The Real News Network (@TheRealNews) join the crew to discuss US rail workers' struggle for paid sick days and other markers of basic dignity. In the second part of the interview, we ponder where the workers go from here? What does it mean to develop a militant labor movement in this country?

Check out Max and Mel's excellent reporting on this and other issues at therealnews...


 2022-12-15  42m

Running A Train On The Bourgeoisie w/ Max Alvarez & Mel Buer (part 1)

Max Alvarez (@maximillian_alv) and Mel Buer (@mel_buer) of The Real News Network (@TheRealNews) join the crew to discuss US rail workers' struggle for paid sick days and other markers of basic dignity...


 2022-12-12  1h41m