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A leftist history and theory podcast wherein Jamie Peck (The Antifada, The Majority Report), Aaron Thorpe (Trillbilly Workers Party) and Jorge Rocha (DSA) do the reading so you don't have to! Produced by Paul C (@[pchannelstrip](https://twitter.com/pchannelstrip)).


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Flooding in Eastern Kentucky w/ Tarence Ray

From July 26-29, Eastern Kentucky was hit with a one-in-a-thousand-year flood, wreaking carnage on a region already devastated from decades of intense extractive capitalism and poverty. Jamie and Aaron are joined by Tarence Ray (@tarenceray) from the Trillbilly Worker's Party to talk about the causes of the historic flooding, the state's abysmal response, and working class solidarity amid climate disaster...



An Oral History of the New York Commune w/ M.E. O'Brien, part 2 (PREVIEW)

M.E. O'Brien (@genderhorizon) sticks around to chat some more with the ELC crew about her speculative fiction novel, "Everything For Everyone: An Oral History of the New York Commune, 2052-2072" (co-authored by Eman Abdelhadi (@emanabdelhadi) and out now on Common Notions). Part 2 touches on many topics from the book, including national liberation, eco-socialism, gender, and space travel!

Buy the book:




An Oral History of the New York Commune w/ M.E. O'Brien & Eman Abdelhadi

M.E. O'Brien (@genderhorizon) and Eman Abdelhadi (@emanabdelhadi) join the ELC crew to talk about their speculative fiction novel, "Everything For Everyone: An Oral History of the New York Commune, 2052-2072" (out now on Common Notions). In this visionary work, they tell the story of the global proletarian revolution through the memories of its participants, a group that includes sex workers, scientists, Palestinian freedom fighters, and more...



NEWS: Darth Brandon

The ELC crew discusses the Biden administration's student debt relief plan, contextualizing the current debate around who deserves to go to college with a memo from 1971 laying out the right's plan for a long march through the institutions...



Cultural Marxism: Nope (PREVIEW)

Jamie, Aaron and Jorge give their takes on writer/director Jordan Peele's latest film, "Nope." What does it all mean?! Spoilers, obvi.

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Lost Futures: The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas w/ Kurt Schiller

In this debut episode of our newest series on science fiction and futurism, the gang is joined by editor at Blood Knife Magazine and host of the Podside Picnic podcast, Kurt Schiller (@mechanicalkurt), for a discussion about Ursula K. Le Guin's rather short but famous 1973 story, The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas...


 2022-08-17  1h40m

Socialist Feminism: Kollontai On Abortion

In the third and final edition of their Alexandra Kollontai mini-series, ELC presents her 1921 work, "The Labour of Women in the Evolution of the Economy." In addition to elaborating on the Soviet Republic's plans to support women in their dual roles as workers and mothers, she lays out her opinions on abortion, which the Soviet Republic became the first country to legalize in 1920...


 2022-08-10  1h24m

Socialist Feminism: Communism and the Family

In this episode of our series on Socialist Feminism, the gang continues our Alexandra Kollontai mini-series and discuss her 1920 work Communism and the Family, where she argues the family has been eroded under capitalism and how socialism can solve the problems surrounding marriage, children, and the role of women in society. Tune in to know more!

Communism and the Family: https://www.marxists.org/archive/kollonta/1920/communism-family...


 2022-07-27  2h0m

Socialist Feminism: Introduction to Alexandra Kollontai

In this deput episode of our new theory and history series on Socialist Feminism, the gang begins with an introduction on Russian socialist revolutionary, politician, diplomat, Marxist theoretician, and overall badass Alexandra Kollontai. There is a brief discussion of her incredible life and we also discuss her 1909 work The Social Basis of the Woman Question, where she makes a break from the liberal feminism of her day to establish the foundation for a Marxist and socialist feminism...


 2022-07-20  1h28m

NEWS: Abolish The Supreme Court

Just a chill news ep where the gang talks about the SCOTUS decision overturning the rights of half the population and why it's time for a new constitution...and a social revolution, obvi.


 2022-07-07  1h25m